how many bridemaids

do you all think is a good number? x


  • rustyboxxrustyboxx Posts: 1,042
    i got 2 bridesmaids 1 moh

  • well i have a little prob i only want 3 but seem to have to have 6 and cant get out of it without upsertting people. x
  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    i only have 1.
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    I have 2 adults one - best friend and sister image
  • nic_linenic_line Posts: 412
    I have got 3 and a flower girl.... to be honest i only wanted one adult one but couldnt do it without upsetting people! But having three is v expensive and a lot of agro when trying to find dresses as they are all diff shapes and like diff things!
  • jojo1651jojo1651 Posts: 989
    i'm having 3 bm's and a fg, was supposed to be having a moh too, but she decided she'd like to go on a round the world trip 2wks before wedding because it was 200.00 cheaper then after, not like i gave her any notice or anything asked her Dec 05!!!!!!! (still a bit raw, sorry)
  • BABS1978BABS1978 Posts: 209
    Im having my 2 closest, reliable friends from school as bridesmaids and my neice as flowergirl
  • Just 1 for me, a very good school friend (can't afford to buy dresses for more than that!)

  • Ive got 5! My best mate, 2 nieces, h2b sister, & best mates daughter!!

    Faye x
  • cathymukcathymuk Posts: 2,675
    I am having 4 adults, 2 flowergirls and 2 ringbearers!

    I was in a wedding shop yesterday and the bride was having 12, yes 12 ! bridesmaids yikes!

  • Two - my daughter and my best friend! Don't be pressured into having more bridesmaids than you want - remember it's your wedding!! It's hard to resist letting everybody and their neighbour be bm when everybody wants to be, but I found that it was either just these two or if I chose anybody else then to be fair on everyone I'd have had to have about 8, which I couldn't afford and didn't want, so this way nobody gets upset! Your situation might be more complicated though, but good luck x
  • I've got 5 2, my auntie as MOH (she's only 29 lol) best mate, h2b sis my little cousin(13) and my niece as flower girl who will be 2 and a half image xx
  • SazaJSazaJ Posts: 344
    I've got 6 as couldn't decide who I wanted out of them, so thought I'd have them all!!

    I have

    My best mate from 6th form as MOH

    2 close friends from the opera group h2b and I met through

    My cousin

    H2b's sister

    and a girl from Church who, in every way apart from being actually related to me, is my little sister!

    It's MAJOR STRESS sorting out their dresses though as they are all different shapes and live all over the place! Luckily the cost shouldn't be too bad as my 2 mates have offered to pay for their dresses. My MOH did too, but I didn't think it would be fair as she's recently spent so much on her own wedding, so have agreed on her paying a donation towards her dress instead! We will be paying for the dresses of the other bridesmaids as they are family and are helping out in other ways. (The mum of my friend from church has offered to make a donation if needed, though hopefully we'll be able to afford to treat her!)
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    Yes good point - I'd go on budget if you're still trying to decide! Mine went halves with me as the dresses were £160 each and they can wear again (from coast), but I have no idea how people afford too many. In one shop I went in one lady mentioned one girl had been in with 13!!!!!
  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    I've got two my sisters and my sil2b, if I started asking friends the numbers would have got silly. I might have up to three page boys though, my nephews I've been putting off asking them till nearer the time as once they get excited about something they want it to happen now.
  • I have my two sisters (20 and 9) image
  • I've got 5 and 1 flower girl, My best friend is MOH and then others are all neices from both sides.
  • maid of honour = my sister. then i have my cousin and h2b's 2 sisters.
  • I'm having 6! My sister and then my best friends! Couldn't leave anyone out!

    L xx
  • We are not having any.. have 1 flower girl h2b's little sister, she'll be nearly 7 on the day. I cant pick between my friends, i know who i would have if I could, but just feel like i cant. x
  • i am having 5 bms and 1 flower girl (baby daughter)

    I couldn't decided either so i have them all i would hav eonly regretted not asking them after so i thought what the hell lol

    h2b is having bm, 4 ushers and paige boy (our son) so its nice and even too (i like symatery)


  • I am having 3 bms and thats it. one is my cousin my Best friend and h2b sister who I class more of a friend than a sister in law!
  • Pipsyuk1Pipsyuk1 Posts: 766
    Im having 2 my sis and my best friend although this didnt go down well with h2b's mother or sister as they expected her to be one of my bridesmaids, sorry but i thought that was very presumptious, id never expect to be! and ive only ever wanted two and they have always been the same two. plus couldnt have afforded to have anymore, wish i had only asked my sister to save the problems but why shouldnt i have my best friend we've grown up together.

    H2b's mother said i should have asked his sister over my best friend, i apologised for any upset but explained i wanted the people closest to me as they are my support.

    Dont think they'll ever get over it but its done now.

    Arent families so stressful!!!

  • I'm having just 1 BM, my best friend from 6th form. My 2 nephews are going to be mini-ushers (age 18months and 4 1/2)- as I don't like page boys particularly.
  • I'm having 2, a MOH and a page boy.

    My MOH is 19 and I'm her godmother (I'm only 27 and we've always been close), my niece who will be 3 and a half by then and a friend of my h2b's little girl who will be 2 and a half. The little ones will be in an ivory dress trimmed with the colour my moh will be wearing (so I'm going to wollies or BHS to buy little girl dresses and I'm only paying for my moh's dress). The page boy, my h2b's friends little boy (his sister is a bm), will be in suits like the other men - he'll be 4 the day before we get married.

    I'm hoping it will look cute with 2 little girls holding hands, the page boy carrying the rings and my moh standing out from the crowd as the stunning blonde she is.
  • I have my 2 sisters, my HTB's sister and my best friend from uni who basically DEMANDED to be my bridesmaid! but one's in London, one's in Aberdeen and one's in Oman which makes BM dress fittings a nightmare....
  • I've got 3 - 2 friends and h2bs sis. I could have easily got carried away and asked sooo many so I decided to stop there lol! xxx
  • lormartinlormartin Posts: 1,209
    I have got 3- Chief is my sister, daughter (7) and niece (14) then I have got 4 ushers 2= sons (14 + 13) nephew (12) and BiL ? not too sure how he got involved apart from the fact that my sister wanted him looking lovely in a suit so they can be beautiful together!! I dont mind though as I love them both to bits x
  • I have six bridesmaids. I couldn't resist! I'm going to be 31 when I get married and I never thought I'd do it so I'm going to have it BIG baby!

    Ha ha!

    One is a close family friend who I grew up next door to... One is my best friend from university... One is my MIL's partner's daughter... One is my mum's sister... And two are my closest friends from my hometown where I still live. I'm very very lucky to have such a good bunch of girlfriends. Knowing how hard they are to come by!

    Even though one of them was pretty useless initially but has done loads to redeem herself!

  • Mrs DMrs D Posts: 1,755
    Ive got 8! if it was up to me id have none as it takes the emphasis of me especially as none have them have exactly been hit with the ugly stick! in fact one of them who is h2bs cousin is 18 5ft 11" and a model! GREAT!!!!!
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