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Does anyone else find it difficult to find a post after they've replied to it? I tend to click on posts on the main chat site as they pop up, and then I'll reply, and them I'm lucky if I can ever find it again. I know I can subscribe to them, but I can't be bothered with all the emails to be honest. There's just so many forums on here that are all so similar that I find it really difficult to navigate the site. I use the search but it very rarely brings up what I was looking for.


  • bride74bride74 Posts: 2,840
    LOL...!!!! It always happens to me.....more so if i've had a glass of wine!!! xx
  • clujucluju Posts: 2,843
    yep me too, I used to subscribe to them but kept having my inbox completely full of emails so rarely subscribe anymore. The search doesn't often find what I want either
  • NgmNgm Posts: 171
    I thought I was daft cos I find it really hard to figure out too!

    I clicked the 'notify me when someone replies to my thread' thingy, but I don't know when or where it's meant to!

  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    Me too. I gave up subscribing to them as too much junk in e-mails x
  • Why doesn't it give you a list of your posts and a link to the thread you posted in on ur profile? Surely can't be that hard to do.
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