whats your karaoke song

Well mine is river deep mountain high, my friend and i sing paradise by the dashboard light!!!!



  • rustyboxxrustyboxx Posts: 1,042
    got to many to name lol

  • C`mon pink you must have one thats your fav???/ i also like like a prayer
  • Hello,

    Mines Perfect by fairground attraction.

    Love it!
  • SazaJSazaJ Posts: 344
    Well mine is 'toucha-touch me' from Rocky horror!!

    If that not avaliable then I go for something from Greese or by Abba. Oh and if my Dad is at the karaoke then we will do 'timewarp and/or 'Man I feel like a woman!' (Which my Dad hams up beautifully!)
  • Its got to be .......... Perfect!

    Its got to be......... Worth it!

    Yey - getting me in the mood!
  • yea ha im going to sing my heart out tonight....with a vodka in one and the mic in another its gonna be a great friday night x
  • rustyboxxrustyboxx Posts: 1,042

    think abbie think..... i really cant think of any havent dun karoke in 2 years cant find my cd's

  • shoopishoopi Posts: 430
    Great question... I've never tried karaoke (too chicken) but would love to one of these days. What's a good song for beginners?

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