What should I............................

Have from the chippy for my tea???? image


  • Clearly fish and chips. Possibly a little curry sauce.....maybe a battered sausage if you're extra hungry image
  • Sarag66Sarag66 Posts: 374
    my sister has just to our local chippy im having sausage and chips!!!!
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    oooh now savaloy and chips and a pinapple fritter (do they still make them)

    Americans havent heard of fish n chips - i miss them image
  • Fish and chips with gravy yummy
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    we dont have battered sausages here in Liverpool! I was contemplating fried rice and curry, but now youve mentioned fish, chips and gravy I may have to consider a fishcake dinner!! mmmmm

  • No battered sausages! Get yerself over to the East Coast love! Lol. A crime!!
  • Saveloy and chips if it isn't good fish image
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    whats saveloy??? Its no posh chippy ya know! Its run by a little chinese woman so may have to go eastern! haha

  • Look you Londoner, you may be my bethrothed, but you can keep your saveloy where it belongs! They're gross! haha
  • Stupid double posting.image

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  • Honey....you have a bad stammer there!Wedding nerves?! image
  • I would defo go with fried rice, curry and chips.

  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    mmmm right im gonna put my jeans on right now and walk down to the chippy! hehe

  • I think you have gone, but our chippy does the best salt and pepper chips apparently!

    And I'll have 1/2 and 1/2 with curry!

    Mmmm, just got in and had no tea yet
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    Ok I went the chippy and opted for 1/2 and 1/2 with chicken curry! Oh and a Galaxy from the Londis next door!

    Im now oficially stuffed!

  • Cate i dont suppose them salt and pepper chips are the ones from the chip shop in Garston Village, as they do the most amazing salt and pepper chips.

    Im glad you enjoyed your tea Paula.

  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    Oh god I wish I had put computer on before my tea, would have went to the chippy too. Will just need to go tomorrow now and sit in front of the telly watching X-Factor.

    I love savaloy but unfortunately can't get them in Dumfries.

    You can't even get gravy for that matter.........

    So we will share:

    Sausage & chips ('cos you get two battered sausages) and Haggis & chips...................looking forward to tomorrow night now x
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