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Help please

I know this is not wedding related but my h2b is wanting to change his gamer tag on the xbox and has asked me to come up with a funny one but I am useless an dcna't think of one HIs old one is Si180 but he wants a new one completely different to that.

Any suggestions gratefully recieved please


  • cant help sweetie as didnt understans any of that, but just wanted to say I like your piccie!
  • I need a funny user name like we have on the forum. Thanks about the piccie I got it off the net
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    ok my other halfs is strangely uk or strangelyus depending on where he is. this is his nickname since school so not very inventive.

    so does he want to use part of his name?

    what games does he play online?

    and does he love cars or anything in particular?
  • Mostly Call of duty 4 Shadowrun PES8

    His name is Simon but he says he doesn't want to use it. He likes darts and his car is a subaru Impreza (sp?)

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