any other bts instructers

Hi everyone just having a wee nose to see if there are any other BTS instructers out there if so how you getting on with new choreography. Im loving combat, practising it at the mo, something to distract me from weddings for a change hee heeimage


  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    i used to teach combat and balance. Haven't for about 4 years now as last gym i ran had no classes and now i live in the US.

    BTS are a pain i find as well - money grabbers - too m

    any new choreographys to learn and quarterly workshops - which all cost - its a shame as its what everyone wants xx

    Good luck with the practise and remember your left from your right he he he xx
  • you can say that again they have put all the prices up and yu now have to buy dvd instead of getting it qw, its shocking. But still love teaching it, Especially combat and done loads of boxing training so find it quite easy:\) what do u do now?
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    at the mo im not working. I have to wait for my dependants visa in January then apply to work. When i get it i will probably freelance PT again. (i really want a baby instead though )
  • oh me too were planning for after wedding what about you? when do u get married
  • pantaloonpantaloon Posts: 2,348
    Im getting married in January - we will start to try then. x
  • oh my god that is like only weeks away then wow you getting excited
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