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Gillian Gibbons

I just wanted to say how upset I am that the Sudanese protesters are calling for her death! WTF? It's a teddy!

Mrs Gibbons taught in my primary school, and she is a wonderful teacher who is well liked by everyone.

The sooner she is back home the better.


  • Aww its really sad isnt it. Was she your teacher Cate? I gather if you went to that school - forgot the name of it. Then you lived round there.

  • She wasn't my teacher, she taught the infants when I was in juniors. I think they are quoting a different school up by Croxteth or somewhere, as that must be the school she worked after mine.

    Angel just saw your posts. It's madness isn't it!
  • She taught in a school in Dovecot.

  • Dovecot, that's it! You think I would remember that, I used to live by Dovecot shops til I was 8!

    I completely agree Angel. I think our country is mad, and we should be doing more to help these people abroad.
  • adelesarahadelesarah Posts: 1,981
    She should be home safely soon, it's awful what has happened but she should be home fairly quickly. There's no way she's in any danger for her life as there would be outrage and they can't let that happen to relations, but they've had to sentence her to 15 days so it doesn't look as though she'd gone unpunished. Everyone over here will be so pleased and relieved when she's back home.
  • My name used to live in Southdean road, which then became Snowberry Road, so i was there all the time. A lot of my then friends went to that school.

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