caterers scotland help!

can anyone reccommend good caterers in scotland? please! im desperate... xx


  • tartanrubytartanruby Posts: 354
    Where are you?

    We are using Cater:2 - based in Edinburgh - they have been great for usimage i think!
  • falkirk, right between glasgow and edinburgh.

    had a look, they seem fab and drinks look lovely but i think i wanr something a bit simpler.... any ideas?

    are you using them for a bar as well? just couldnt see any prices xxx
  • tartanrubytartanruby Posts: 354

    we are having a really simple menu - we met up with the guy went through everything - from food drinks etc to budget - he came in right on budget with just the menu we are after - we are having applie pie and cream for pudding cos that's h2b's favourite image

    They are very reasonable re corkage too - so providing your own booze is an option, but we will also be having a cash bar that they will provide (no cost to us) and they are sourcing a barrel of real ale for us too - we are beer drinkers!!!!

    to give you and idea:

    Food 22 per head plus vat

    Wine 4 bottle plus 2 corkage plus vat

    reception cocktails 6 per person plus vat
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