Any Guernsey Gals out there?

I am getting married next September but live on a small Island so am not really spoilt for choice.

Are there any other Guernsey gals getting married or have just gotten married with advice for me?

Niks xx


  • Hi Nixs!

    Im getting married in Guernsey, not a Guernsey gal but i do live here! Does that count?

    Getting married on 26th May, it's getting a little close now!

  • Hi Sam

    Yeah that counts, at least you know places I am talking about!

    Where are you getting married and where is your reception?

    N x
  • Hi,

    I'm a Guernsey girl but got married in the Caribbean four weeks ago! We wanted to have a small wedding and didn't think that it would be possible to do that at home where all of our family live aswell.

    How are you getting on sorting our dresses etc? I found it quite difficult and ended up getting just about everything from either Jersey or England!


  • Sorry Niks! Been mad busy. Getting married at St Martins Church, then reception at Grande Mare! How about you?

    Ali, Congratulations! Where did you get married? got my dress in Devon where my family live! Had a huge choice and managed to get bridesmaids dresses from coast!

    We really wanted to get married in jamaica, but family pressure made us get married here!

  • Hiya!

    Getting married at Vale Church and reception at teh Peninsula Hotel. Looked at Grande Mare, are you having a marquee or in the restaurant...?

    I have bought LOADS of stuff online! My dress, BM dresses, tiara, silk flowers etc and we are making our own stationary.

    I think that we will be hiring the suits from Debenhams as they are just so expensive over here. Cheapest I have found is £120! times that by 7/8 and its like £1000 on suit hire!

    Sam, what is H2B's name and where do you work? H2B is Danny Lloyd, he works at Stan Brouards and I work at Fortis (was meespierson reads).

    Niks xx
  • lizduklizduk Posts: 29

    I am a Guernsey Gal, getting married at St Matthews Church and reception at Peninsula Hotel.

    Have bought most of stuff from UK and am only getting cars, cake and flowers from Guernsey.

    Not getting married until august 08 but have managed to get all booked stuff at 2006 quoted prices saved a fortune

  • Hi all Gsy Girls!!

    We got married in Antigua, I'm sure that we offended some family doing it the way we wanted to so I can see where you are coming from Sam. Both sets of parents and brother and sister-in-law came with us so at least immediate family were involved. In fact they all ended up having a nice holiday aswell! We had a party back home a couple of weeks ago for all of our family and friends and I wore my dress and hubby wore his suit so again, everyone got to see close up my dress.

    Our party here was really good, it seems all enjoyed it. As my sister-in-law is a florist, she did us some flower arrangements and my uncle and cousin play together in a band so they provided the entertainment. My mum makes cakes so she made us a top tier cake and iced it and then we asked some one else to make some sugar craft flowers for it. The same lady, I think that she makes wedding cakes for a living - made us cup cakes for the party with a sugar craft flower on each for guests to either have as their dessert or take home with them. It all worked well and I was really pleased that I was able to have to many of my family involved even though the actual wedding was miles away!

    I've been to weddings at St Martins & St Matthews and they were lovely services. Also been to receptions at La Grande Mare (4 I think) and the Peninsular and again they were both really good. They both have lovely backgrounds for photo's.


  • Hi

    just to say good luck with your Guernsey weddings. I am a Guernsey based bridal jewellery /tiara designer and I know how hard it is to get reasonably priced items over here that half of the island won't be wearing.

    When I got married at Notre Dame and it rained so don't forget your brolly


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  • Not a gal or living in Guernsey but plan to marry there in 2009.

    Wedding at Vale Church

    Reception - current idea is Grande Mare

    Everything else is undecided so if anyone can suggest photographers, caterers etc I'd appreciate it.
  • Hi Mike

    Fallaize is a Guernsey name - no?

    We looked at the Grande Mare, but I'm sad to say I found it a bit pretentious and very expensive!

    Caterers - are the Grande Mare not doing the food for you with their own kitchens?

    We have got a meeting with a photographer tonight at home, she is called Rebekah Leatherhead and she charges £500, which covers here taking photos all day, starting from me getting ready to the evening dance, whenever we ask her to leave, and a CD with ALL the photos on that she has taken and the copyright to them so we can email them, print them etc etc. She does the official photos obvuiously but also does a lot of candid camera to capture the feel of the day.

    Jen, My tiara is off the internet for £12 from China and it is stunning, like a proper princess!

    As for cars, I am struggling as they are incredibly expensive so we may just have taxi's instead or ask some family with nice cars to do us a favour!

    Mike, why did you choose to get married over here and where are you living now?
  • Hi Niks,

    Wow - didn't expect a reply that quick!

    Caterers - oops that was me not thinking logically.

    We live in Coventry (midlands) but want to marry in Guernsey as I was born there and Christened in the Vale Church. Most of my dads side of the family live there aswell as my Auntie (mums sister) and her family. I know the island quite well but have never looked for wedding services while I've been on the island so am a bit stumped.

    Has Rebekah got a website? I've been on 2 photography websites today - Fitzgeralds (prices seem to start at £950) and another one which was about £300-£400 but obviously didn't seem as good. I'm limited to how often we can come over and plan things so am trying to get ideas together from the internet and useful advice from sites like this.

    We've thought about getting photos taken at the Little Chapel - it may not seem like a very original idea but I think would make good pictures as most people over here haven't heard of it or seen it.

    Do you know how flexible photographers are in general? Can you drag them to a couple of locations? or is it a case of Home-Church-Reception-Finished?

    Isn't the Peninsula across the bay from Vale church? or is it a bit further along the coast?
  • Yeah it is just accross the bay - someone suggested a boat to me the other day instead of a horse and cart which I want! Original I guess.

    She doesn't have a website at the moment, but her number is 01481 710 710 so you could give her a call. She is arelly helpful and a couple of people at my work have recommended her to me. I am meeting her tonight so will let you know. About the little Chapel, the only thing is will it just be the 2 of you that go there to have your photos or will you manage to get all the guests up there for photos. I'm not sure where we will have ours yet, but there are beaches by the Peninsula and they have lovely gardens so we should be ok. It depends on the indivdual as to how fleible they are to be honest, you would ned to ask them.

    I know what you mean - I didn't realise how limited wedding services were over here until we started looking, and how expensive accommodation/flights etc were (H2B's family from Wales/Wigan and Bristol) but we have managed to find them reasonable self catering places.

    I guess yo have phoned up all the reception places over here an asked for their brochures. This was what we did first and some we could rule out straight away on price or just service on the phone. The Peninsula decorates the top table for free, has a 'deal' with Rent-a-linen (chair cover hire etc) and was £16 a head for a 4 course meal plus we get a red carpet on arrival and free suite for the night of the wedding and they don't chatrge room hire.

    I would suggest if you can getting your suits from debenhams or Burtons as there are only a couple of places over here that do it (Burtons over here doesn't do formal hire) and they are quite expensive, about £130 for a morning suit whereas debenhams was £75 and if you order 5 you only pay for 4, if you order 10 you only pay for 8 etc etc. The in-laws to be are picking ours up and bringing them over for us and a relative is returning them on the Mon/Tues so we don't have to pay extra on hire for them.

    Our cake is from Asda, they do an extra special range as your probably know and we have just ordered silk cake topper flower arrangements and hired a stand for £10, total cost of a 3 tier cake is around £40 (instead of around £250 we were quoted over here)

    Our DJ is £300 for unlimited time, with music and lights, we had several quotes and they were all roughly the same price so I went with recommendations from people.

    Anything you book this year - make sure that you get it at 2007 prices, confirmed in writing.

    Best do some work now! (I have been on this site literally ALL day) image

  • lizduklizduk Posts: 29
    Hi all,

    We are getting married in 2008 and have booked our church, venue is at peninsula and have managed to get sit down meal for £17 per head and have combined six menus together to get what we want. We are supplying our own wine and champagne and are being charged 2-4 pound a bottle corkage

    We have managed to get our wedding cars for £150 each from executive cars

    Photographer we have is great he is called Alex Wallace and you the follwing:

    Wedding Package : £1400

    To include the following;

    A copy of every photograph taken on the day (approx 300 images), printed to 5???????x7??????? & presented in albums.

    A hand-bound, leather wedding album containing 40 6???????x8??????? photographs.

    All images scanned to CD.

    20 5???????x7??????? black & white prints

    My time for the whole day, as required

    All photographic negatives.

    Which i thought was very good price and he has more experience then that new lady mentioned Reebeah (not meaning to sound rude)

    Also managed to get my dress which was £899 over here for £120 exact same dress from a bridal outlet

    Got all my save dates and evening invites from vista and cost me £7.99 which was just for p&p.

    i am doing own table centre pieces and got huge glass vases for 69p from IKEA and Tealight candle holders for 29p

    Cake i am having made over here and for three tier it was £499, 1 sponge, 1 fruit and 1 choc

    Suits are from tux and tails £85 per suit inc shirtand shoes

    Florist i have this fantastic lady who in total for bridal party of 12 and church flowers is costing £250 in total

    Has anyone found a good destination for honeymoon, also need to find a good dressmaker in Guernsey for making bridesmaid dresses


  • As far as I know, Alex Wallace has got about 9 years experience (from asking around - he doesn't mention it on website) whereas Rebekah has over 20 years, she worked in England for BIG companies and doesn't charge a fortune and offers personal service. I found Alex to be rude and arrogant. (sorry don't mean to sound abrupt)

    Lizd who is your florist? I have mostly silk flowers but would like some real ones too, have not had a quote anywhere near that!

    We were told £6 corkage at the Peninsula!!!!!!!!! Is your co-ordinator lady called (I can never get this right) Ailga or something?

    So many Guernsey people - yay!

    Our candles are from the UK, and my dress was £400 also whereas was about £850 over here in Pretty woman.

    Tux n tails quoted me £120 for morning suit with waistcoat, shirt and shoes...

    Amazing how different people get different quotes image

    Gosh £500 for a cake! Never even considered paying that much for one cake!!!!!!

  • lizduklizduk Posts: 29
    Hi Niks,

    It is amazing with regards to quotes cos a friend of ours is getting married this year and is paying less then we are in 2008 for a majority of things.

    I think it is about how much you can negotiate and what month you are getting married in.

    My florist is called joy haines, she is retired but is working part time and is doing it as a favour for my step mum, she is from my step mums church and does flowers there.

    How did you order your cake from uk?

    wedding co ordinator is a friend of a friend at the hotel and partner's work also has seminars and functions there regularly whih is why i think we got a good deal.

    Also managed to get a discount for partners family who are coming from uk

    Have you thought of hiring hire cars for day, we have only got my bridal car and two hire cars, they are even going to collect them from reception after 7pm to not cost us more


    Ps when you getting married
  • Hi Lizd

    On 1st September 2007. 227 days to go!

    We were offered a discount 2 - £46 pppn but was till too expensive for them as mostly they are over for a week so we have managed to find them some good self catering places. Our menu is £16 per head.

    What Church does your step mum go to? My dad is at the full Gospel Mission and I went to Kings.

    I think we are going to hire a coach to collect all the english relatives so they don't have to worry about directions etc.

    I would LOVE a horse and cart so am looking for people at the moment who have them, as there is one in the phone book, but I know that there are more people on Guernsey than that!

    I am getting it from Asda's extra special range, sold 'on-the-shelf' so will pick one up when I go over in may, as the ones that are on sale now have a date of may/june expiry so end of may will be fine for sept start and we have hired a cake stand from a little shop by Linfield motors.

    I didn't think of hire cars - that is a good idea. What kind of cars are they? The normal Fords?

    What is ur date?

    Niks x
  • Hi guys

    Creasey's menswear do morning suit hire for £75! That includes everything except shoes! Which makes it comparable with the UK & Jersey!

    We are using Yasmin, who is fantastic and you also get a enagagement shoot, which gives you and your man to relax and get to know her and each other! She's expensive, but definiately worth it!

    My fiance's mum is doing the cake and flowers, she is great and keen to help!

    We are making our invites, order of service etc and this is working out to save us a fortune, they also still look like they are professionally done.

    I got my dress from benjamin Robert in devon and my tiara is amanda wyatt also from devon.

    had a nightmare with debenhams over wedding lists! so going with next and money.

    on the grande mare, we found them to be fantastic and really helpful, so i am suprised to hear something bad!

    i bet that whatever anyone chooses will be prefect for them and it is totally a personal experience and i am really enjoying organsising everything!

    for our cars we are using a local company and it is 400 for the two cars, which i thought was great value!

    it's great to hear people's experiences!
  • lizduklizduk Posts: 29

    yes they are normal fords but they have some seven seaters and mini buses for like £60 per day,

    My step mum goes to Notre Dame

    With regards to horse and carraiges have you thought of phoning some of the stables i'm sure someone will know someone with one

  • lmcarrelmcarre Posts: 64
    Hi Niks

    Just interested to hear how you got on with the photographer the other night. I'm getting married next march and have booked the church and reception so am starting to look at photographers, flowers etc now.

  • Hiya

    She was absolutely lovely - she came to our house and bought loads of portfolios with her, and was with us for a good couple of hours which she doesn't charge for.

    She ran through an itinerary of the day, what photos she would take and such, and asked if there were any particular shots we wanted or if we had seen any we liked in magazines etc to show them her and she will 're-create' them for us (we particularly like one of the bride and groom on a beach, but just a shilouette of them) so she is doing that for us.

    She gave me lots of hints about makeup for the photos and also is asking a couple of people she knows about a horse and cart.

    She gives us a CD with ALL the photos we have taken on it, AND the copyright to them! This is all for £500

    Then if we would like her to make an albulm for us, they are about £50-£60, bit bigger than A4 with material cover, ringbound, and it has a picture of us on the front with our names and the date on it.

    Plus she can do smaller ones for parents etc if you like (we might get some and give them as xmas presents as we are getting married in sept)

    Also she said we can pay how its easiest if we like, for example 5 x £100 or 4 x £125

    I was REALLY impressed with her.

    She said the reason she started this up a couple of years ago is because a couple of her friends got married and she only did it for them because else they couldn't afford a photographer, and they urged her to start up a business and so she did some research and 300 couples a year get married in Gsy and 150 DON'T have a photographer as they can't afford it, so she is aiming at that market, unlike yasmin etc who aim at the bankers/lawyers etc.

    Hope that helps!

    N x
  • lmcarrelmcarre Posts: 64
    Thanks Niks

    I think I will give her a call, we have had a few quotes from Tim Langlois and Graham Jackson but it's looking expensive!

    The next thing on my list is flowers. My chief bridemaid is going to do my table decorations so I just need to find a florist for mine and 2 bridesmaids bouquets so hopefully we can keep the cost down there.

    Thanks for your help

  • jenig12jenig12 Posts: 8
    Hi LC

    Just to say if you are looking for a reasonable photographer I know of someone returning from Uni and looking to build up her wedding portfolio-her rates would certainly be more reasonable than any of the current Guernsey photographers. Its a shame that so many over here go without photographs i didn't realise. I know that this girl has already one taker for this offer over here.

    Bargain bride -wel, done with your tiara-a real bargain. May have been on the same boat at the weekend as we also went to France-did you go with HD ferries, we did and it was great although one of my twins was very ill.

  • Hi

    I've heard today that there has been plans submitted to close the Peninsula Hotel and turn it into a nursing home.

    Can anyone shed any light on whether there's any truth behind this and if so, when it's likely to happen?

    I've E-Mailed the hotel and am awaiting thir response.

  • jemcolijemcoli Posts: 38
    not guernsey but jersey!!

    so the huge debat , being a scot,(living in jersey) which of the two island is better!!

    hope i dont start a war!!
  • lizduklizduk Posts: 29
    Hi Mike,

    I am getting married next august 2008 and having reception at peninsula, yes they have submitted plans but they are unlikely to open nursing home unitl 2009. i have a signed agreement with them and the hotel has reservations up until xmas 2008.

    Partner works in building inspections/regulations and they have already had one proposal turned down,

    Have you already booked with them?

  • Hi Lizd,

    Nothing booked yet - not even finalised a date although it's likely to be the middle of April 2009. (we've moved it forward from June to miss the monsoon season in the Maldives)

    We're coming over in October to (hopefully) decide on a reception venue...........and go to the wedding fayre at the St Pierre Park Hotel.

    The Peninsula was our first choice for our reception as it's across the bay from the church. Prices and service discussed on this board all go in it's favour aswell.

    I'd be grateful if you can have a word with your partner and use his influence to make sure that it stays open as a hotel until at least May 2009 lol!

    Seriously, If you hear any updates - please can you post them on here?
  • Panic over - the Peninsula have been in touch with me and confirmed there won't be any chances until at least the end of 2009!
  • Hi everyone, i'm from Guernsey & getting married in Guernsey on 08/08/08. Is anyone else getting married then? We are getting married in Castel church & then having a marquee afterwards. We are also having Alex Wallace as our photographer, we were very impressed with him. We went to see Yasmin & Simon Campbell as well. Yasmin was amazing but just far too expensive for us. Simon Campbell's most expensive package was £800, his photo's looked good, but there wasn't a big range to look at. I would say that it is worth meeting him though.
  • Hi there - I'm also getting married 08/08/08 - just seemed like a cool date to go for. Ceremony at St James with marquee at Jerbourg Point. Lets just hope the weather is better next summer or we'll have to change the theme to water and wellies!

    I found the guernsey weddings website to be really helpful and you can buy a discount card for £24.95 and you get loads of special offers and discounts from guernsey based wedding suppliers. It's well worth the money!

    There's also a new guernsey based wedding planning company called The Wedding Fairy. Lorraine is amazing - she's sorting out all my wedding plans, decorations and running around on the day. image
  • rhaasrhaas Posts: 3,032
    How much were your marquees girlys and where are you hiring them from?
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