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I've noticed a lot of you talking about facebook, do any of you have Bebo?


  • lottie8888lottie8888 Posts: 137
    me!!! I have facebook and Bebo as im greedy image
  • fifi0529fifi0529 Posts: 1,225
    me! dont know how to work facebook!
  • EmmaRdotEmmaRdot Posts: 583
    I've actually got a facebook, bebo and myspace but i like bebo best. (myspace is way to difficult for me to use)
  • lozzlepoplozzlepop Posts: 677
    I have all three - mainly use bebo - but it kinda depends who I'm speaking to. All of my friends at university in england seem to swear by facebook whereas up here it's nothing but bebo!
  • I'm on Bebo too, find it's more popular than Facebook in Scotland where H2B's from so all my 'friends' on there are his and his family. I'm a lot more popular on facebook feel like a saddo on Bebo haha! Feel free to add me, same username- xLouLouBelle and same profile pic. Full name Leanne King.

    L xx
  • I like Bebo best too (also have Facebook)! I find Bebo's more popular in NI as well and most of my FB friends are English/European.
  • I signed upto myspace and never used couldn't work how to use it. Also signed up to something WAYN- nevr use that either.Had a look a Bebo but nobody I know on there and from what I can see everything is public, I got the impression it was younger people, I must be getting old lol .Facebook will surely be over taken by something in the same way friends reunited was these fad always come and go.
  • kaz1801kaz1801 Posts: 619
    i'm on bebo much more often that facebook! Much easier to work!
  • EmmaRdotEmmaRdot Posts: 583
    Oh yes, i was on that WAYN thing it was bizarre, i kept getting silly emails from them so i cancelled it - never used it anyway!
  • I'm a facebook girl through and through! Tried bebo but it did seem to be young people and as I only knew one person I left! Myspace is WAY too complicated! Facebook is great though,most of my friends are on there and I feel popular LOL
  • clairemoneyclairemoney Posts: 2,255
    Im on all 3. Bebo i use to swear by but then i went onto facebook and i love it. Have to check it every day! I find that bebo is younger people, my little cousins are on there and sending all silly chain emails "send this to 10 people and the boy you fancy will ring you"!! lol

    I dont understand My Space!!
  • Prior2BePrior2Be Posts: 581
    i have all three but am a facebook girl x
  • Im on facebook, bebo and myspace, but not keen on myspace, feel free to add me on any Clare beckett, on face book i have a pic on my hen night and bebo its a wedding pic of me and my hubby

    Clare x
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