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Maggie Sottero - Fleur?

Went shopping today and found THE dress! The only problem is that it is from Maggie Sottero's Limited range that she dosen't even put on her own website! It's £1250 to buy, plus whatever for alterations and then the veil, hoop etc etc on top, and it is really over budget. Is there anyone out there who knows of one that is no longer required to fit size 14 in ivory? Any help would be greatfully received!!!

Is anyone else in a similar position?

Pip x


  • Gosh that's a pickle! I am fortunate enough I guess to have found one reasonably priced, shocking really as online the dresses I picked out were well expensive!! I know there's a website called sellmydress and people sell all sorts of designer dresses on there. Other than that your best chance is to win the lottery lol only joking!! Gd luck image xx
  • mummychopmummychop Posts: 310

    there is one on the Preloved site in Diamond White for £600- might be worth considering?

    Maggie dresses are gorgeous- I've ordered Ida and love it image

    R x
  • psharpepsharpe Posts: 150
    Thanks Rosa-C - your dress is also gorgeous!

    I've replied to one I found on Preloved, although it might be a bit big, but the one you suggested has had 2-3 inches taken off the bottom, which is no good for me, as I'm tall - it'll be swinging round my ankles!

    Thanks for your help!

    Pip x
  • psharpepsharpe Posts: 150

    Can anyone else help with this one?

    Pip x
  • mummychopmummychop Posts: 310
    Aww that's a pity, guess it's a matter of keeping an eye out unfortunately image

    When are you getting married? Sometimes bridal shops have season sales so might get something if have the time to wait?

    Good luck though x
  • i love this dress - i tried it on and then cried! it is out of my budget and really want a second hand one. I really really want this dress!!!

    will let you know if i find anything!!!
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