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a REALLY stupid question - what does "bump" mean on here

Sorry if i sound thick!


  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    no question is a silly question....

    it just sends the post back up to the top of the list

  • (This post has been deleted.)
  • (This post has been deleted.)
  • bunnybeebunnybee Posts: 351

    see i'm getting the hang of this! Thanks girls

  • simon14uksimon14uk Posts: 260
    hay sorry to interuppt the post but why were all on the subject what does OH mean ? old husband ? is it short for on the other hand ? rubbish guesses ah lol xx
  • other half lolI wondered what a sil was but am guessing it's sister in law, neither of us get any siblings in law image xx

  • clairemoneyclairemoney Posts: 2,255
    I had to really stop and think about all these letters when i started on here! H2B, B2B, MOH, MIL2B, BM - It just goes on!! lol

    Ive never seen bump!
  • thumpertoo2thumpertoo2 Posts: 2,138
    I got to grips with most of those and TBH (to be honest) sometimes just skip them but saw this PMSL a few times and IMAO no idea what either of those mean.

    Think I may be showing my ageimage
  • I think PMSL is 'pi**ing myself laughing and IMAO is Laughing my ass off!!!! I think so anyway...................
  • ariesgirlukariesgirluk Posts: 965
    Shopaholic is correct.

    I think it would be a good idea if there was a page of commonly used abbreviations so that newbies (and some of us oldies) can get a grip of the lingo quickly!!
  • bunnybeebunnybee Posts: 351
    A can of worms indeed! Theres a million others i dont get either - just looking above - whats MOH?!! and BM for that matter!!! Oh dear - im not up to speed with any of this techno talk!

  • BM = bridesmaid? no idea about MOH!!
  • traciguktraciguk Posts: 843
    Maid of honor, I think.
  • Ahh, that makes sense tracig, just thought - bm could be best man, not bridesmaid!! i'm confused!
  • mrshampson2bemrshampson2be Posts: 1,690
    to get to the other side of course!! image
  • thumpertoo2thumpertoo2 Posts: 2,138
    thanks...I think this is a good idea keep the explanations coming!

    BM could mean either bridesmaid or best man!!
  • ariesgirlukariesgirluk Posts: 965
    MIL=Mother in law

    FIL=Father in law

    SIL=Sister in law

    BIL=Brother in law

    CBM=Chief Bridesmaid

    MOH=Maid of Honour

    BM=Best Man or Bridesmaid

    H2B=Husband to be

    W2B=Wife to be

    OH=Other Half

    IMO=In My Opinion

    IMHO=In My Honest Opinion

    TBH=To Be Honest

    BTW=By the Way

    PMSL= Pi**ing myself laughing

    LMAO=Laughing My Ass off

    ROFL=Rolling on floor laughing

    WUBU2=What you been up to?

    ILY=I love You

    SWALK=Sealed with a loving Kiss

    I'm sure there's more!! Just ask
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