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Hello Everyone - I'm back and married!

Hope you're all really well. We got back from our honeymoon in Mauritius on Friday and, depressingly, I was back at work today so I thought I'd make a start on my wedding report to cheer myself up. I thought this day would never come!

I've started it over in Newlyweds if you want to have a look.

I honestly had the best day of my entire life and I don't think anything can top it. I've never felt so much love for husband and I can assure everyone that the stresses and strains of planning are so worth it. And honestly, if it doesn't quite go to plan on the day you really don't care. It rained for us yet we hardly noticed it. My FIL broke my dress but in the end what did it matter? It was still in our eyes a perfect day.

Hope everyone is well and happy :\)


  • KimmybobKimmybob Posts: 1,580
    Awwww natalie... im so glad it was everything you'd hoped for. all the best


  • junglewormjungleworm Posts: 111
    Congratulations glad you had the best day xxx
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