Getting exited !

Sorry iv just had to tell you all,

Iv started making my wedding cake !!


Tier one is cooling, tier two is about to be started, tier 3 will be done on fri, and then the monsterous 12" base tier will b done on sat.

Keep all your fingers and toes crossed for me girls..

iv only ever made 8" cakes before, i hope they turn out right !!!

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  • I think that you're very brave Angel4 (my cake 'making' stretches to krispie cakes!!)

    Good luck - hope it turns out well.
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    good luck xxx
  • good luck but i'm sure they'll be fab!

    wish I could make mine lol
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Good luck Angel 4! What sort of cake are you having? Is it all fruit?

    If you do a brill job I may be shouting for you to make mine! ha ha!
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903

    yes its all fruit,

    you should see the size off the biggest tin,lol i hope im doing the right thing
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    You have plenty of time to get it right and not panic. If you had put this post on the week before the wedding I would be worried for you but you have 6 mths so it will be fine! are you going to decorate it yourself as well?

  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    very true, yes im going to do it all, must b mad !

    if it all goes wrong things will work out ,

    im sure i can give it away as xmas cake and get celebrations to do me one lol
  • good luck it will turn out great xx
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903

    Iv made the top 2 tiers and the 3rd 10" bugger is in the oven as we er type!

    should be ready at about 9pm!

    im worried though,

    they are only about 2" deep, all the other cakes iv seen look 4-5" deep, im sure my marzipan/icing wont be that thick, will it ??

    have to say the house smells divine! not gd 4 the diet !
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Well done - I am very impressed. You have inspired me to do some baking my self at the weekend!

    Sorry I can't help much with the depth of the cakes! I have not even started looking at them yet
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    lovely, im surprised you cant smell it cooking from yours lol.

    baking is great fun, but im only doing these cakes and then im binning,everything thats left, as i dont want to b tempted to bake and then eat !

    feel bad enough,my chap just nipped out and came back with a chomp bar for me,

    i scoffed it like id never eaten before, it was great, but told him off, poor thing he just cant win lol
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Sounds like my h2b - hes dammed if hes does and dammed if he doesn't! image
  • rfbreenrfbreen Posts: 412
    Angel I am so impressed that you are making your own cakes. My h2b's mum is doing ours. She really wanted to and we were happy enough to save the few hundred on a professional one. Besides when you do it yourself or have family member do it, it's very special. You'll be able to have exactly what you want. Keep us posted on how it turns out.:\)
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Well the 3rd one is out of the oven,

    slightly browner than the others but its been cooking twice as long so its to be expected, last one tomorrow, the monster, 8 hours in the oven it needs!

    fingers crossed.

    thanks for the encouragement, i thought u would all think i was bonkers.

    if my Nanna wa still here she would b making my cake,as thats what she did professionally, so its my little nod to my Nanna,im sure it will turn out because shes watchin over me its weird i thought i could smell her as i started tpying this,she must be around me!
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Hope the cake is cooking nicely! How are you decorating your cake?

  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Its doing well thanks,

    im doing the bottom tier in white/ivory icing 2nd in chocolate icing 3rd white?ivory top chocolate.

    Then round the chocolate once im putting pearls and round the white ones im putting chocolate brown ribbon,and putting some kind off pearly feathery thing on the top if i can find one!

    thats if it all goes right lol
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    You cake sounds like it is going to look gorgeous. You will have to post a picture of it when it is finished. Glad it has turned out well. Don't really know much about cakes and shelf life but you sound like you know what you are doing so I am sure it will be fine!

    Thanks for your good thoughts on the other thread. Not sure so much about having turned a corner - more like got it out of the way for another month!image Thats sounds awful of me really! I honestly do love H2B!

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  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903

    lol. u sound just like me, its not awful,just girls talk.

    been tod the cake will b fine as long as i keep pouring brandy on it until i ice it in april !
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    Better not give any to the non drivers then - they will end up over the limit!! ha ha

    Have you got most things sorted for your wedding now?

    Catherine x
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    hiya catherine,

    no im panicking abit (ok alot) at the moment coz we dont seem any nearer with the plans, i just want bloody xmas out of the way so i can devote all my time/money to it all !

    how about you are all your plans going well?
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    You wonderful lady for doing your own cakes..I would never have dared to even try,i havent got the patiance for one thing.The way you have described how you are going to decorate it sounds very elegant. You need a medal!!!

    All the best, jayne.x
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Thank you jayne,

    im daft really !

    im already stressing about how im gonna get it to the venue etc, but i wanted to have a go at least.

    Like i said on another thread if it all goes pete tonge i will b off to m&s lol .

    i really hpoe the decorating looks as nice as i can see in my minds eye.

    how are your plans?
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    Hi, I had our Blessing on 4th this month,i had waited 4 long stressfull years for it. Pics are on Newlyweds. My cake looked like the leaning tower of piza!!! i didnt cut the dowling level,i wasnt that botherd though,it was a small relaxed do.The important bit was re-newing our vows in the church,and that went lovely.

    Talking off cakes, i have just had 2 iced buns with my coffee, what a pig!!!

    Is that your dress on the avitar? If it is it is very beautiful. How is everything else coming along?

    love jayne.x
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Hi Jayne,

    many congrats to you !

    i bet my cake looks the same, ah well it will b a talking point .

    I will have a look at your pics!

    2 iced buns sounds wonderfull, im on such a strict diet, oh i can smell them, yummy.

    yes thats me frock, but the pic doesnt do it justice really, its full of pearls and lace along the top of the bodice and the lace is edging the dress along the bottom.

    I cant find a better pic any were coz the lady that made it has stopped selling now, bummer, i cant even zoom in to see the detail, every now and again i have to go and gaze at it in my friends wardrobe, just so i can remind myself wot it really looks like, im terrible, i keep forgetting and thinking its to plain but wen i see it i get butterflys!

  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992

    Your dress is grogeous!!!!! I had wondered if that was your dress as thought it was stunning!

    My wedding plans seem to have gone on hold at the moment as still waiting to hear from this photographer. I really wish I had just book Craig at storm straight away! but now h2b won't let me go back to him until we have heard from this other lady and I am panicing in case he is not available! Just trying to sort out some save the date magnets as wanted to send them out with Christmas cards but have probably left it to late! I can't believe how soon christmas is. I have my works Christmas do this evening!

    In 2 minds about the save the date magnets as thinking they may be an unnessacary expense! Also a friend at work said if i was sending cards it would be nice for them to fit in with the rest of my wedding stationary and the thought of having to decide on that right now gives me nightmares! ha ha Who knows what to do!

    Catherine x
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Thank you Calopa,

    re the save the dates have u tryed ,just subscribe to them and they send u free offers i got 25 magnets for £2.11, it was just the postage they were hear in no time and we put them on long delivery (21days) but i bet we had them in 2 weeks!

    they are great as well really professional.

    I dont think they have to match,who will remember anyway?

    They have just delivered my evening invites, iv gone for a pic of me n h2b on the front of a postcard and thern all the details on the back, they look differant, i think its cost £45 for 10, not bad,and they threw in the envelopes.

    im just going to sick some ribbon and a pearl om the front so it ties in a little bit but im not getting too worried about all this matching thing, its hard work, and really so long as your day time invites are special i dont think people take much notice of the other stuff !

    our plans have gone on hold abit too,we have got a nightmare client who wont pay up so we are now in £10k debt,great eh! just wot u want when your planning a wedding!

    weres your christmas do then? its early aint it lol!
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    It was at Deve Whites. It was £60 to stay over, use the facilities, meal in the evening and disco and then breakfast this morning! The reason we had it so early is it got more expensive the closer you got to Christmas! It was really busy. It was a decade explosion night so my collegues all dressed up in fancy dress. It was a good laugh but the service and food was not great! Plus we had some random man trying to get in our room at 3am and then he came back at 3.30am to try again! It hasn't really put me in a christmas mood though!

    Do you run your own business Angel4? Is there anything you can do to make the client pay up? Definitely not what you need when you are planning a wedding !

    Do you mind me asking how you did the photo on the front of your invites as that is what I really want for my magnets. I have gone on to Visaprint but so far not had any free offers and the magnets that I designed were coming in at about £47 for 50 magnets with p&p however they would of been too big as they were the larger magnets. Couldn't see how to get the same design but smaller and not that techonologically minded that I would know how to design my own!

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