Any junior doctors out there?!!

Hi. Just wondering whether there are any junior docs out there managing (or not) to organise wedding and work 60+ hours a week?!! I get married in Feb, and am just about managing at the moment, but I think that nearer the time, the constant tiredness and feeling of "what have I missed/not done at work" will wear me down. I tried to get as much done as poss before I started F1 in Aug but there is still loads to do!


  • Hi Lynne

    Best of luck to you - there is no way I could have managed to fit in a wedding in my first year!!

    I used to be an Obs and Gynae Reg...... but have now seen the light, moved to NZ and got myself a part-time GP number!! - Loving it!

    Seriously though - this is a really important time for you as a couple. Try to enjoy it and don't let the pressures of your career take over.

  • I've just started a Paeds rotation and I'm 4th year post qualification. I'm still finding it difficult to do all the planning and fit appointments etc around inflexible rotas. The first year is by far the most difficult year in terms of self development and respect to you for organising a wedding during it. It's hard when you come home at night and cut yourself up for everything you might have done wrong during the day but remember that's what the on-call are for! Happy planning and good luck.
  • Wow, that sounds like a good life moving to NZ etc! I am tempted to do surgery in the future but already I am fed up of the night shifts, and feel like settling with general practice just to have a decent family life. I knew it was gonna be a tough year, but I hate the whole worrying thing. My consultant says we're paid good money to worry!
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    While nurses are paid crap money...
  • Sorry, wasn't bragging about money at all. And I have every respect for nurses and everyone else I work with.
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    Hi Lynne!!!

    Paed SHO just passed MRCPCH. Very tired all the time, sometimes to the point of being unable to comprehend a wedding. Great to chat to someone who is in a similar situation, h2b not medical so tries best but never quite understands. Cea xx
  • Well done you. My fiance is a solicitor, so hasn't much of an idea either, but at least I get to debrief every night. He is so patient, he'll sit through my excitement and my moaning. Starting to feel very stressed now, I am working 2 weekends before the wedding, and then got nights straight after the wedding. Hope I can manage to fit everything around work, I must be mad. Are you coping ok with work and wedding?
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    I dont who arranges your shifts but they are a bit harsh arent they making you work nights after your wedding and w/es before!!

    It must be hard as I am aware that the first few yrs you have to put up with the unsociable hrs. h2b was planning on being a surgeon but think he is heading towards GP for family life hrs!! although money is good as newly qualified (more than I thought!) we all know it cant bring everything especially less tiredness and more time for enjoyment of wedding planning!!

    Wish you all the best...come on here to off load your
  • I know, they are horrible shifts aren't they?!! The rota was worked out long before I started work in August, and even though they have known about the wedding since I started, they haven't altered things. They even complained they'd have to change the rota once I'd got married cos my surname will change!!! So when you all think the NHS is crap to patients, it's not any nicer to it's workers!

    I had a fab day today though. I was called into theatre by my consultant cos she was doing a bilateral mastectomy, and there were me and 3 other surgeons working hard so that the lady had both sides done at the same time. Love getting my hands dirty!
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