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Hello all,

I have been engaged since 20/08/06 and we are planning on have a Christmas wedding in 2008. I have looked up loads of venues on line but have come across one I really like the look of. Is anybody getting married at Braxted Park in Essex or even looked at it? I have an appointment to see it in two week, I am soooo excited!!image



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    Its so exciting when you go & view the venue you really want!! Good Luck
  • We looked at it a year ago at an open day and wasn't impressed! The rooms smell very musty and they relied too much on the grandness of the house and the fact they have a church on site! I would have been embarassed to have let my guests stay in any of the bedrooms! My photographers worked a wedding there and had to get his car to take the bride and groom from the house to the outside marque as it was raining and the venue didn't offer any help

    This was a year ago and around the time that they first started to do wedding so it may have improved!

    When we went there were lots of posh people with Mummy & Daddy and my H2B felt very out of place, like he didn't belong, not the feeling I'd like him to have on our wedding day!

    Best of luck with the viewing! Are you looking at any other venue in the area?
  • oh image I wanted to go and see what it felt like as well as you always get a feel when you first go to places, but I want people to felt welcome and comfortable. I just wanted it to be somewhere like an old country house or manor house? I don;t have any other viewings booked as yet, nor have I really had a good look around the area. Thank you so much for the information. I will go and see what it feels like image
  • Are you particularly interested in barns? I am getting married at Crondon Park near Billericay and there is Vaulty Manor which is a bit further out (can't remember where!).

    Both are beautiful. I chose Crondon Park as the bar is in the same room as the dance floor and my family have a habit of following the food/drink!

    Here are the links:
  • Best bit of advice I can think of is keep an open mind and visit lots of different venues. Don't make a snap decision until you have seen them all - make a shortlist then go back for second viewings with a list of questions!!

    Take your time - venue is an important decision!!!

    Good Luck

  • Thanks so much guys for the advice and the link image

    It's funny because Braxted Park was the first one on line I really liked, so I kind of thought I would love it. Now I have been checking out so many more and there are some great venues about. I have a booking to see one this Sunday and then braxted park the following weekend.

    Your right the venue is the most important part for me about my wedding. Same goes for my H2B image


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    I agree with Toad.

    I ordered brochures for loads of venues, i loved Braxted Park, in the brochure it looked stunning. It was my favourite, until we went to view.

    We went to view it, there is a big long drive, looks really grand but the closer we got the house we wasnt as impressed. I'm not going to say too much cause everyone has their own opinion of things, and that was just ours.

    Like Saint-Bertie said, keep an open mind, look around loads and enjoy!!

  • At least I was not the only one to love to brochure. I will go and see it anyway but at least now I have looked around and there are a few I really like the look of, and I have booked some more appointments to check them out so that's made me feel more positive about finding a venue image.


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