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guest list problems already and still no date!

got engaged only a few weeks ago so still haven't planned an exact date or country (we have three different options!). I'm already starting the stress about too many people wanting to come and us not being able to afford it esp. work people who automatically think they will be coming and i wasn't planning on inviting them as there are loads of them!!! i'm really stuck! has anyone had the same experience and can you offer any advice on keeping people happy without blowing the budget?


  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    Congrats on your engagement!!

    The thing is to be strong and stick by your guns, its not easy but it has to be done!

    Have your work collegues said that there coming or is it how you feel?

    We have only invited the friends & family we want to our wedding, ones we are close to & have contact with. If we didnt then would have ended up with more than we can afford. As for work, ive left them until last, and invited friends & fam first. When ive recieved RSVPs back then we know if we can invite anyone from work. But ive only invited 3. There who id class as close, but people will understand if you tell them your limited to numbers!

    Only people you should worry about keeping happy are you & h2b, its your day!!

    Good Luck xx
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