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Hello! I am from the US -- now living in Chelsea and new H2B is from the UK but not privy on any particular area... I/We have no idea where to begin.... thinking about North Hampton but can't seem to find anything. Just got engaged last weekend but are thinking of a Aug/Sept 2007 wedding... any ideas? Any does any one have any idea what a wedding planner would cost?


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    have a look at the hitched website, they list venues by county

    as for wedding planners, I think a rough guide is to allow about 10% of your budget

    have a look at
  • If you are planning a civil ceremony, try the website of the registrar's office of the district you plan to marry in. The Oxfordshire registrar lists every approved venue in the county, which is how we located ours. Oh, and there are some lovely stately homes around Northampton. My fiance is from there originally and his parents still live there. We did consider looking in the area Oxford worked out better logistically as we are having a lot of guests from abroad (like you, I'm from the US originally). Good luck with the hunt!

    PS Have you considered getting married in London? The Chelsea Physic Garden is (or soon will be) licensed to hold weddings and is absolutely stunning.
  • Have a look on Hitched - they have a large venue section which also has comments from people who have used them. That's how I the ones we went to view.
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