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I am in the extremely unfortunate position of being a girl whose friends are mostly guys! I have only really got one very close girlfriend and a handful of girls who i might go out with on occassion, my best fiend is the best man and my other close male friends are in the wedding party. I know who my maid of honour will be, but i have no sisters or cousins has anyone else been in this position?



  • I too have mostly male friends so I'm having my twin and (female) best friend as bridesmaids. I don't think I could handle any more anyway!
  • I was the other way in that I have my sister, and then lots of friends who I am equally as close to and couldn't choose between - and to have them all would be just ridiculous!! I am just having my sister and two little girls, duaghters of friends. I am happy to have my sister only, I don't think it matters how many bridemaids we have - after all we are going to be the stars of the show!
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    I'm just having a best woman - if it's good enough for the blokes...
  • hi im new to all this! and already have bridesmaid hassle, want to have only my sister and best friend! but the bloody mother in law and sister in law are up in arms saying i should use the niece which we do nt want ! ive had enough already what do we do?

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  • becky_lpbecky_lp Posts: 123
    I'm in a slight bridesmaid trouble too, I have 2 sisters who I have to have as bridesmaids but then h2b has 2 sisters that I feel I should ask ( i barely know either of them), but I want my best friend from uni which then makes me think I should ask one of my other friends, I have too many female friends that I'm close to and it's a knock on effect - I ask one and would have to ask another! Do I have to ask his sisters just because they are his sisters?
  • mozdavismozdavis Posts: 248
    i have this one sorted... i'm just not having any!!!
  • you don't have to ask his sisters just because they are his sisters. It's your wedding and it's up to you who you have as your bridesmaids, they are there to support you and someone you barely know doesn't have to be your bridesmaid just because of the fact they are related to your h2b
  • fredduk1fredduk1 Posts: 138
    Only have as many bridesmaids as you want/ need. Most of my friends are male too, but I have a sister and a best friend. That's enough for me.

    So, jaymiej, just have the one bridesmaid - your close girlfriend. Its simple, yet effective!

    While we're on the subject of bridesmaids, I have a bit of a sticky situation some of you might be able to help with?

    As I mentioned I have my sister and best buddy. Fine. But I also have another girlfriend, who when I got engaged 3 years ago, I asked to be bridesmaid. However, in that 3 years, she has become really distant and - not uncaring - but flippant and uninterested about our friendship, and I don't want someone like that as a bridesmaid anymore. I feel like she's let me down as a friend over the years. However, I don't know how to uninvite her! I haven't even told her we finally set the date yet, coz I'm afraid of putting my foot in it!

    Please help! And good luck jaymiej - just go with what is right for you. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. xxx
  • Fredd - if your friend isn't interested in the wedding she probably doesn't want to be bridesmaid anyway! I'd just let her know that you've set the date and see if she mentions anything. If she doesn't problem solved, if she does just say that you've decided to have only your sister and best friend.

    If it's been 3 years since you asked her and she's not mentioned it since, I wouldn't worry about it.
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