Hi Everyone

Sorry if this is already on the forum - where can i get the best wedding insurance - any tips?

Not sure what I should look out for - is it something i really need?



  • ST3PHukST3PHuk Posts: 284

    i haven't got insurance either wasn't going to bother with it because i don't know if its something i really need either bt as people keep telling me you never know what might happen.???
  • amy82amy82 Posts: 264
    If you tot up the potential full costs you're going to outlay - which could run into the many thousands I don't think around £50 is too much to ask! Insurance protects you against some unforseen disaster - imagine if your venue suddenly cancelled/fell down/double booked you, or if your dress had an issue of some sort etc etc...

    There are loads of companies that do it, all with different levels of cover. Also you could go through a cash back site of some variety and get some of the money back.

    I'd definitely go for it once you start to book stuff. We went with Marks and Spencer, but as I said, there are lots of options.

  • kathrynoukkathrynouk Posts: 2,250
    It depends entirely on what you want, we went with Debenhams as its a company I trust and they were the best for my wedding. I did look at m&s and again it was a company I trusted but debenhams was better for me.

    Best thing to do google it and research who is best. Every shop I went to recommended insurance as they said who knows what is going to happen. I believe in sods law so if I didn't have it, I could imagine the dress shop burning down or something
  • bushbaby1982bushbaby1982 Posts: 339
    You definitely need insurance! Think of all the recent stories about dress shops going out of business... or if someone close was so ill you didn't want to go ahead... etc etc. You should get insurance as soon as you start booking things. E and L is really good.
  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    If for nothing else, have it for peace of mnd. If anything goes wrong (god forbbid) at least you will know you will get some compensation.

  • ArlyparlyArlyparly Posts: 31
    Hi girls,

    I have been looking at different insurance also, and I am between M&S or E&L, both are good and reasonable priced, hope this helps image
  • MrsFlowerfairyMrsFlowerfairy Posts: 6,800
    we went with M&S, i would double check about E&L as there has been some really bad stuff about them on here. You might be able to check it out if you put in E&L in the search engine at the top of this page. M&S have had good reviews so we decided to go with them
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