Methodist weddings

Ok - I went to methodist chrch when I was a kid (in brownies / guides), but strictly speaking not a methodist.

H2b and his family are, so we're having a methodist ceremony, in a methodist chapel.

But, (not being an actual methodist - see above), I've never been to a methodist wedding, and I can't find any info on it anywhere. Bridal mags always cover CofE, Catholic, and a myriad of other religions / denominations, but nothing on methodists.

So I've managed to work out that (I think) the minister has to be registered as a marriage celebrant to not need a registrar (afaik he is) - but what about the other legal stuff - is it like CofE where the banns are read, or do you have to give notice to registrar, and all that?

Anybody know????


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    My sister got married in a Methodist church and as far as I can tell the service is the traditional wedding service. Vows etc all the same as any other wedding.

    You have to give notice at the registrars office for the wedding.

    I know its a while since you posted this message but I hope this helps.

    Shelley xx
  • we are getting married in a united reform church ,which is much the same as a methodist ceromony,which is much the same as c of e from what i can gather.

    You have to give notice at the registrars office for the wedding ,as shelly has said ,which costs £30 each and they then issue certificates which you take to the minister before your actual wedding day.Giving notice of your intention to marry permits your marriage to take place after sixteen clear days and within a year of the date of giving notice.

    Hope this helps
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    registry office were completely unhelpful!!
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