When shud we get insurance & wheres the best place to get it

We want to get insurance but not sure when to get it or where to get it from?

We have booked and paid deposits for our hotel for reception, horse and carraige and potographer too, we have also booked the church.

Where is the best/cheapest place to get it from and roughly how much shud we expect to pay?

Thanks in advance

Becky xx


  • There are loads of places to get wedding insurance ... Debenhams, M&S, confetti & E&L are a few. Prices vary depending on coverage.

    I'm doing ours through confetti.
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    Thanks dizzyblonde, when do you think would be the best time to get it? now or should we wait a few months? Thanks xx
  • We've got ours with E&L it was the cheapest I found at £26 for the lowest (Band 1) cover. There are different levels of cover depending on your requirements. You can take it out up to 2 years before your wedding date.

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    Hi e_hetherington, I am just about to take out a E&L policy. I have a flyer from a wedding magazine about their recommend a friend scheme. If I quote your name and postcode they will send you a £10 M&S voucher. If you want me to do this mail me your details at [email protected] Then your policy only cost you £16! Lou

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    I've just checked that this is still running and it's detailed on their website... http://www.eandl.co.uk/introduce-a-friend/

    I'm happy to swap details with whoever emails me first as I'll be taking it out on the next few days either way...
  • Thanks louise_!, I've just checked out the details on the link you posted and if I'm understanding it right as I've already taken out a policy it's me who'll need to introduce you. I'll e-mail you now and we can get on with it-thanks for suggesting this. Emx
  • It's best to take out your wedding insurance as soon as you start paying deposits ....x
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    we went with Marks and Spencers, i would be a little careful with E&L as its been written about loads on here and they can be a bit difficult with paying out! but to those who have already got it Im sure it doesnt apply to everyone but just double check your policy
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    We've gone with E & L as they are incredibly comprehensive - just read the contract properly to make sure you understand what is and isn't covered. We went with Band 3 cover for £60. You need insurance now if you have started paying deposits.
  • I've decided to go with Confetti as it's reasonably priced and the small print looks ok. E&L was the cheapest for me too but I ran a search for wedding insurance reviews and it has the worst. Mind you, there weren't that many so they could be one-offs. You just never know with insurance, I think you just have to take the gamble and hope they pay out if anything does go wrong.
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    I think the key is to read all the policy details. A lot of the complaints I read about E&L boiled down to assuming something was covered, but if they had read the policy properly they would have known it wasn't, or under-insuring something and having them refuse to pay out on that basis.
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    Our venue would only let us provisionally book until we had our insurance cover.

  • ask a silly question time, how do you know which band to go for, is there a way of calculating it?
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    Our venue would only let us provisionally book until we had our insurance cover.

    Not sure if I think that venue is (a) incredibly sensible or (b) trying to tell you something might go wrong!

    Stephy, we went with the third level for about £15K cover too.

    Just make sure each of the categories individually covers what you need it to as well. For instance, we bought rather expensive rings and would have had to buy an inflated band of cover with some other providers to get the ring insurance up to the right level, when other parts of our day are relatively modest!

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