I can't decide!

Help! I can't decide what time of year to get married and wondered wether anyone has had the same problem!!!!

Do for Spring, late summer, Autumn, winter??????? Help!!!!


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    Hello and congratulations! I chose when to get married based on when we got engaged. We got engaged in March, enjoyed this for a few months, and then decided in August to start planning things - we went for 27th Sept 07 as I wanted to give myself just over a year for planning, but didn't want to wait much longer than that. I wasn't really that bothered about the seasons, plus all my family have to fly to Ireland from England and flights are much cheaper outside of summer. Sorry I wasn't much help there was I! Maybe you could think about what sort of wedding and theme you want - would you like something outdoors with a very summery theme? Or do you like winter and want it to look very wintry? Good luck with it xxx
  • We always said when we got engaged we wanted to get married within 12 months (no reason, just didn't want a long engagement). So when h2b proposed on holiday in July we decided a June wedding would be nice
  • I hate to be money orientated but choosing a time when flights i.e. honeymoons are cheap would be good too.

    Unfortunately we can only go away in July as h2b's work is slow then, but the costs of flights hotels etc are so expensive as peak holiday time.

    We are getting married 14th July.
  • We are getting married in june but thats because we wanted a summer wedding, it depends when and where you want to get married too, as you will find summer months get booked up quickly.

    How about contacting your venue and seeing what dates they have available and decide that way?

    Let us know how you get on x
  • I wanted a summer wedding too - the weather in england is crap anyway but you have more chance of a nice day in the summer-time - i just chose 2nd august 2008 off the top of my head and then realised that will be exactly 2 years after me and my h2b first met - how sweet is that!
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    we picked 2nd feb 2007 - (mostly because we wanted to get married asap!) the vicar suggested the actual date to us because it is candlemass - apparently it's an ancient marriage thing and celebration of light and new beginnings!

    practically speaking, some things are cheaper in the winter too! and i guess i won't need to worry about the weather either - i'm expecting it to be cold, grey and miserable... so if it is nice and sunny it'll be a bonus, rather than haing a summer wedding and being disappointed if it rains!
  • Hi,

    H2B job deceided it for us as he is a Head at a school so really it has to be in the summer holidays. We choose 26th July 2008. We choose beginning of the school holiday so that we will have a bit of time after the honeymoon to chill before he has to go back to work.

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    We chose the date we met as our wedding day

    What date did you meet?

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    I got engaged 28th june 06, so not long and we get married 11th feb 07.

    We didnt want summer wedding coz we both suffer badly from hayfever! We thought maybe 1 year ish & planned to get married end of sept beginning of oct 07. We wanted to get married in a castle so started looking around, found one we loved. They did special offers for winter weddings, and chose an available date!

    So nothing romantic in it, but thats how we chose our date! 60 days to go!
  • We were thinking about the weather firstly - I don't do very well at all in high summer heat and didn't really fancy being all dressed up and uncomfortable in the middle of July!

    We were also thinking about our anniversary. My boss gave me some good advice when she said that it's a date that you are going to celebrate every year and you want it to be at a time when you want to go away, not loads of other occassions around it, etc.

    On these criteria, we chose early Sept. I ideally wanted the 1st but the availability of our chosen venue bumped us down to the 8th

  • We got engaged in November 2004, and got married in January 2005. This was mainly because we couldn't wait!

    Our wedding day turned out to be a really sunny day. We didn't have rain. The funniest thing about getting married in winter is that you don't feel the pressure about the weather turning out just right - so it becomes one less thing to worry about when you are already in overdrive.

    If you do have a restrictive budget then don't forget that a lot of venues are a lot cheaper in winter. Plus things like wedding favours are also cheaper then. Oh and flowers are less likely to wilt because of the heat.
  • We wanted a summer wedding and we didn't want June because of Glastonbury festival (priorities eh?) and August was a bit iffy, so July 14th was the only date left!
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