hi been a while

Well all fine with me. Not sure if we've chatted before but anyway glad youre back.

Im taking a rest from all wedding preparations now, then in Jan ill get back on the case. Invitations is first new year job.

How about you, what do you have left to do?


  • hey honeymel - where ya been??

    I've also taken a break from preparations and it will be all systems go in January!

    I'm full of cold/flu at the mo - now developed earache and feel generally crap but other than that we're fine!
  • feeling much better thanks - nasty cough and still can't hear anything but don't feel like death warmed up anymore!

    Don't know if anyone met up - i'd still be up for it but will obviously have to be the new year now.

    We've got 230 days left - am bit scared about how quickly its all going by!! Gonna get a shock in January when I realise I'm not as organised as I thought!!
  • MrSB proposed end of April - we've had a break from everything for couple of months really. My sis had a baby and with christmas coming all got bit much.

    January sales would be good if there was any money in the fund!

    How are your plans going?
  • brentuk1brentuk1 Posts: 3,071
    welcome back

    think we are all in the same boat aren't we - taking time off to enjoy Xmas then back to all our special preparations after new year.

    I'm with Princess Wannabe - I am sending out my invites after xmas - well H2B is doing them and he is designing them for us - so it's taken longer than we thought but it will all be worth it.



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