Help! where can I find deep blue glass vases?


Me again!

Just wondering if anyone can help me with a supplier query......

I really, really need 12-14 deep blue glass vases (round ones preferred) for my reception tables. I've attached/included a picture of the colour and type I'm looking for, though not so large and long as shown in the pic. My reception tables are fairly small and seat a max. of 8 people, so I'm thinking of a low, round vase which would contain only red roses.

I've looked at the usual 'home' places such as IKEA, Habitat, BHS, John Lewis, M&S, etc. and also done lots of UK internet research, to no avail. All I can find are either: glass vases, or blue vases of different shades and surfaces, or antiques which we just can't afford.....

If you can help, would much appreciate it.. Thanks.

Lauren x


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    Sorry, link didn't seem to work!

    See if you can copy and paste this one....

    IMG] reference pics/Vase.jpg

    Lauren x
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    Trying another link to show you the vase I'm talking about:


    Lauren x

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  • Not sure if they still are, but a few years back The Pier were doing glasses and vases in that exact colour...

    .. might be worth a look?! :\?

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    Hi Ois

    Thank you so much! image

    I will look into The Pier - maybe, even if they don't have any right now, they will be getting stock of that kind for next year.....

    My other option (which would be much cheaper, especially since we don't really have a need for 12-14 blue vases post-wedding! :lolimage would be to hire vases from somewhere - only hassle I've found is that most hire companies only have clear glass vases and mainly tall ones, not the kind I'm after....

    Fingers crossed though!

    Lauren x
  • Try ikea?? Good luck!!
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    Hi Doodles

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    Ikea's online shop doesn't have any, but I'll keep looking and will check with them instore in case they'll be getting any in. Am doing same with The Pier, John Lewis, etc. Fingers crossed!

    Lauren x
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