can anyone help, who do you need to buy buttonholes for?


  • CA1312CA1312 Posts: 384
    weve ordered them for the groom, my dad, best man (or woman in our case), and the ushers. Dont know if anyone else is supposed to have them tho??!!
  • Am getting the for:


    Best Man

    Father of Groom

    Mother of Groom

    Mother of Bride

    Usher x 2

    Think that's everyone....
  • KorenaukKorenauk Posts: 627
    We have just bought them for the wedding party

    Groom, father of bride, father of grrom, best man, mother of bride and mother of groom!

    In my case my parents are divorced so have bought there partners one too!!
  • noseegnoseeg Posts: 89

    thank you for your help

    my h2b seems to think we should have them for his brothers x3, his sisters x3, my brothersx2, mother of groom, father of bride, mother of the bride, best man, my grandad, and it gets quite expensive.

    he also wants 15 people to wearr the same ties.
  • I can sort of see where he is coming from with the buttonholes. We have encompassed that in the 7 people who we are getting buttonholes for as I have one sister and he has one brother.

    Not so sure about the ties through....
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