Any North Devon brides?


I'm getting married in North Devon and wondered if anyone else is too?


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    I'm getting married in South Devon - not too far away!

    Whereabouts are you getting married?

  • I'm getting married at Broomhill Art Hotel near Barnstaple in May 2008. It's lovely - really unusual and relaxed. How about you?
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    Kitley House in Yealmpton (quite near Plymouth) for us - it's gorgeous!

    I've never been to Broomhill Art Hotel but saw some photos in (I think) Devon Brides a while ago - looked ace!
  • I remember seeing Kitley in a Devon wedding quide and it looks lovely too. The venue is the only thing we have arranged so far, but we're not getting married for 18 months so have ages yet (wish it was next year now but we need to save money - and I want to lose at least a stone!)

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    I bet it'll go really quickly. We've been engaged for a year now and it's flown really. Only 6 months to go until the big day now and a recently married colleague tells me that I just won't believe how fast it'll fly by.

    I think the venue is the main thing. Once we had that and the registrar booked I really relaxed because I knew even if we showed up in our pajamas we could still get married!

    What's the next thing that you're looking at planning?

  • Ooooh Kitley is gorgeous, lucky you elly.bee! I live in Plymouth but we're getting married near my mum's, out in the sticks between Liskeard and Lostwithiel. We're having our reception at Lostwithiel Golf & Country Club. Only 4 months to go!!! *vvv big grin*

    Corinna x
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    Thanks Colligreen - I love it and SO excited! I work in Plymouth and live in Launceston so not very far from your neck of the woods at all. You must be ready to explode with only 4 months to go! Have you got much left to organise?

    Nice to hear from others down here in the deep dark west (I'm sure some of my friends from uni think we don't have electric down here - lol!).

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    I'm in South Devon too, also not far!
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