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I've been engaged for 1 year today!!!

Just really excited and had to share!

This time last year my h2b was soooo nervous, he got home from work early to prepare special surprise dinner for me when I got home from work. He said he was getting through his work as fast as he could so that he could slope off early.

Love remembering it all.

So exicting!

And now we've only got 169 days to go until the wedding!

Feeling so mushy!


  • Aaaah, that's so nice x x x x x
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381

    I've been in a totally mushy mood all day! Think I'm starting to bug colleagues so thought I'd offload some mushiness on this site where no one ever seems to mind!
  • Was our 1 year engagmentversary on the 15th of Dec, I was all excited as well.

    We have 282 days left til the deed is done...

    Vee xxx
  • It's hard at work isn't it. I work with one 50 something year old woman who is lovely but very traditional (tea on table for when husband gets in etc) and a bloke who has three kids my age so it's hard going at work. No-one really to share my excitement in the office
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    elly .bee

    congratulations . time will fly bye and the next minute it will be your wedding.

    All the best, love jayne.x :\)
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    aw how nice for you xxxhave a great day
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  • elly.bee - its our 1 year engagement anniversary today as well!! We have been finacees for a whole year - how exciting is that!! We have 181 days to go though.. ooh feeling great today!!! xxx
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