What exactly is the bridesmaids job?

Funny one this, isn't it? I'm really not sure what they are supposed to do. Mine were all picked for me, nieces, and best friend appointed themselves! BF is CBM and she isn't good at organising and also doesn't know all my female friends like my sister does so Sis is organising the Hen night and I am going from my Mum's house on the morning of the wedding and my BM are going to be at the venue as I know I will get stressed if they fuss me! So what should they be doing? My CBM has been to dress fittings with me and cried when she saw me in my dress and she is going to help with the favours the others have just been to dress fittings for themslves and no-one has offered to do anything - should I be giving them jobs?


  • I personally would say that they are responsible for calming you the day of your wedding making sure that you have nothing to worry about any tasks that you give her whether that is organising the hen night or coming to dress fittings with you ...

    I have to say that I have 4 bm's and my CBM wont have that much to do as i am a bit of a control freak so will just want her to be there for me that is all i need !
  • Mine aren't doing anything and haven't offered to do anything either.

    I've sorted out my hen do and most other things BM and CBM are "supposed" to do.

    Maybe on the day their role might prove more helpful?
  • My sister is my CBM, she likes organising things and I hate it so she has been getting quotes for photographers and arranging appointments to see venues etc. Basically she is like my PA! My other two bridesmaids haven't done anything yet but I know they both really want to help so I'll have to find jobs for them both! I think bridesmaids are to work with you as a team to make sure everthing gets done and the day runs smoothly.
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    According to my neices they are going to turn up and look pretty! I'm sure they would do anything I asked them to but can't think of anything that needs doing
  • My bridesmaids have been really good, one rang round and got our wedding transport sorted booked and everything, two of them are organising the hen do, the others come out with me whenever i need wedding stuff or shopping, they all call me to say they have seen things or founde things i may need, everything from shoes to candles they have all done their own little bit which is great,

    they keep asking if there is anything else they can do, but between them, h2b and myself we've done it all with ease, and we just have to wait til the day now, i feel confident that on my big day they will be on top form, coz they are great!! x
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