help laws on mixed country weddings

Hello everyone i've just joined the site today got engaged in oct wedding will be next year at some point we are just starting to plan.

I'm english he is German. does anyone know about laws of these things if we get married here what do we need do i have to get married there as well beacuse one day i may be going to live there help !!!!!!!!!!!!:\(

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  • no i dont think so, once your married your married you wouldnt have to do it again! it's mainly only asian customs where they have to have two wedding because their ceremony isn't llegally recognised here. hope that helps x
  • ah cool i was worried because i know that to get married in germany i would have to have all my documents translated and a translater there as well as it's all done in german and my friends and family wuoldn't have a clue lol

    i suppose as i get more stuck in to things i'll find more stuff to worry about thanks x
  • Thanks i knew that something happened along those lines i just didn't know if it applyed to english /german weddings thanks

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