how do I post a picture?

I don't know how to post pictures on here am I being thick?


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    Open the folder to see the thumbnails

    click the options box [bottom right] & choose view

    The photo should open larger & on it's own

    now carry on & follow the instructions below...

    Photobucket & Web Images:

    Put your curser over the picture & right click

    From the menu, choose [left click] properties [at the bottom]

    From the pop-up window find: Address (URL)

    Put your curser over the text [starting http:// ...]

    Triple click your mouse this will highlight ALL the URL text

    With your curser still over the text, right click & choose copy

    click OK on the pop-up window to make it go away!

    Come to YAYW, use POST REPLY not quick reply

    At the top of the Post Reply box is Name, Subject then Form Controls

    click the 'Img' button in form controls

    You should have this [ img ] in your reply box

    Now right click next to [right next to] the [ img ] & choose paste

    click the 'Img' button again in form controls to get [ /img ]

    You should now have something like this:

    [ img ]http://blah blah blah.jpg[ /img ]

    SUBMIT :\)
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