I've just got engaged!!! Wanted to say hi!

Hi girls

I just want to share my excitement and introduce myself!!

My name is Rachel and H2B is Phil. We live in Warrington Cheshire

We went to London at the weekend and he'd arranged a private pod onboard the London Eye!!

As we moved i stil didn't have a clue what was happening!! We had our own private waiter who served us champagne and we walked around looking at the amazing views.

The pods either side of us were waving and taking photos - think they thought we was someone special, as they were all cramed into there pods like sardines!!

We got to the top and then Phil was saying how much i ment to him and how much he loved me.

Then the penny then dropped and i knew what was about to happen!!!!!

He got down on one knee, held out the rock of Gibrolta (ring) and asked if i'd spend the rest of my life with him........

Screaming i said YES!!!

I was in complete shock!!!

The pods either side of us were waving and clapping and still taking photos!

As we got off everybody in the quee was cheering and shouting! - it was an odd situation!!

I called my mum and dad and they knew all about it. Phil had asked them in june for there permission!!!

Sorry for my ramble i just wanted to share it!!


i'll try and load some photos



  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230
    Me and phil

  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230
    oh my god how big are these photos!!!!

    So sorry!!

    the ring xx

  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230

    how can you make photos smaller!!

  • mariatsemariatse Posts: 219
    Congratulations - your ring looks gorgeous!

  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    Welcome and congratulations!!!!!

    Wow what a rock lol image bet you are so excited and can't stop smiling.

    This site is great, you'll pick up loads of tips and support and it's just a great way of being excited without boring your loved ones to death (though I still did that for 18 months!!!)


    PS. Sorry not great with making pics smaller

    I nearly cried reading about your proposal, your so lucky. My h2b proposed in my parents kitchen!!

    Have fun with all your planning

  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230
    hehehe i'm so excited to get replies!!

    Thanx girls

    it is a rock and i keep catching it on everything!

    It's really odd having a ring on that finger.

    I.ve never worn anything on that finger so it's really strange!!

    Did any of you girls feel that way?

  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230

    I nearly cried reading about your proposal, your so lucky. My h2b proposed in my parents kitchen!!

    Have fun with all your planning


    aww thank you hun

    i was crying too when it was all happening!!!

    i'm still high as a kite on colud 9!!

    can't wait to start planning!

    Where do you start!
  • TABSukTABSuk Posts: 1,479
    Definately, I didn't wear any rings so it felt so odd but I loved looking down at it sparking image

    Have you set a date?

    One tip, make sure you get it insured, I had a nighmare the month after he'd propsed, thought I'd lost it and we hadn't go round to getting it insured. I ended up finding it where I left it in the bathroom, suffice to say h2b had it put on the house insurance that night!

  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230

    Yeah we need to do that def!!

    Thank you i'll get onto it now.

    I'm paranoid i'm going to lose it or the diamond ill fallout!!

    Think we are looking at 2010.

    got a mates wedding this yr and a mates next yr so don't want to steal there yrs so i'll settle for 2010 - will give us time to save.

    I really like the idea a winter wedding but nothing has been said yet

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    Ooops, meant to say hubby! (it's only been a month so keep forgetting lol)

    That sounds like a plan, will give you plenty of time and a winter wedding sounds fab! It's all so exciting when you start planning, I'm smiling for you image

  • KpeacockukKpeacockuk Posts: 351
    Congratulations! What a fab proposal and one you will never forget! Planning starts here and it is so much fun.......When are you thinking of getting married?

  • KpeacockukKpeacockuk Posts: 351
    Oh whoops didnt read your last post so i can see your thinking of 2010....me too 31/07/2010 x
  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230
    Oh whoops didnt read your last post so i can see your thinking of 2010....me too 31/07/2010 x

    oh great we can plan together!!!

    I really like the idea of whites and candles and big tall candelabras.

    Plus the weather is going it's always raining in the summer lately and it's been nice and sunny in oct/nov the last few yrs!!

  • KpeacockukKpeacockuk Posts: 351
    Well we are getting married at the Lakes so it is highly likely it will rain. I'll be gutted but i am just going to convince myself that it will rain and if it doesnt then that will be a bonus!

    Yeah i am having white flowers but hints of black and green. The new confetti catalogue has inspired me! Its worth a look if you havnt seen it has some great ideas and themes.

  • lauhoslauhos Posts: 388
    awwwwwwwwww wow congratulations!!!wat a romantic proposal and gorgeous ring x x
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    My, my you look very familar!!!

    Hellooooooo my friend and welcome to the site!!! ( I promise I am not completely sad and still on here after my wedding - just lurk occassionally to see how people I know are getting on!)

    I am so happy, excited and made up for you.

    If you need anything - just shout

    Love ya lots - your ace


    Catherine x
  • Hiya,

    Ive just got engaged too!!! me and my boyfriend went to Mexico and he proposed on the beach at sunset it was soo romantic im new to this too my friend introduced it too as she is getting married hoefully next year, have you any info or websites where to get good invitations from, im soo excited to plan my party!!

    Jenny xxx
  • slimsxyukslimsxyuk Posts: 4
    How sweet!? Congratulations.

    I too got engaged recently but it really wasn't romantic as we were both half cut - I think it was my H2B's way of plucking up the courage to actually do it. Luckily we both remembered the next morning.

    I have also set a date 2010 in June as it will be easier to save etc. Let me know how your planning goes ...

    Kirsty x
  • ElSebukElSebuk Posts: 842
    Congratulations to all the new 'fiancees' here!!!

    It is the most wonderful feeling - I'm still on cloud 9 and we got angaged 2 months ago!

    We are also planning on 2010, but in the March and in Italy.

    Good luck with all your planning - I'm sure you'll all soon be addicted to this site!!!
    Hello mrs symonds2b!! Dont i know you from somewhere???????????? lol

    Great to see you on here chick,cant wait for you to start planning,im dying to help you!!!!

    You know where iam if you need me

    love shelley

    p.s i know i keep saying it but im sooooooooo happy for you!!!!! xxxxxx

  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230

    hi girls

    thank you for the lovely comments.

    I'm still on cloud 9 believe me!!

    Looking forward to tomoz as i finally get to see all of my friends for dinner and tell them all about it!!

  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230

    Shelley and Cat - my two little chums!!

    At last i can be in your gang now and be a bride!!!


    Thank you for all of your lovely comments girls - really does mean alot

  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    The ring is gorgeous and what a lovely surprise from your H2B! xxxxx
  • SuzywhoSuzywho Posts: 212
    Hi!! I just got engaged last week too - how exciting!!!

    Mrs Symonds2b your proposal sounded so romantic and you and ur h2b look very happy together.

    I've already started planning my wedding, we're looking at Sept 2010 - we also wanted a couple of years to save...

    Congratulations again xxxx
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