Asking mates to be bridesmaids!!

Hi All

I have just confirmed my wedding for 2010 and am now thinking about how to ask my mates to be bridesmaids. I wanna do it in an original way - any bright ideas????

Kel x


  • MissMilneMissMilne Posts: 1,101
    I got really drunk in Liverpool one night and jumped up and down asking her! So classy!! lol
  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539
    I made a goody bag up - I did handmade cards saying 'Will you be my bridesmaid?'. Then I found a seller on Ebay who sold small teddies and embroidered messages on little t-shirts the teddies were wearing - I had Cheif Bridesmaid and 2 Bridesmaids.

    I also found some Bridesmaid badges to put in their too. Then I gave their goody bags in front of everyone at our engagement party.


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  • MissMilneMissMilne Posts: 1,101
    Yep would have been a better way to go!!
  • EmmaC15EmmaC15 Posts: 495
    I didnt ask my friend she just (rightly) assumed she would be CBM. haha. obviously I did confirm it with her though. It was more a case of me or your dead lol x
  • rachxxukrachxxuk Posts: 1,230

    i made my 5 mates and sister a little card with a poem in it about how friends are difficult to find, hard to leave and impossible to forget

    So as my best friend will you be my bridesmaid?

    Went down a storm!!

    I'd not be able to just choose one or two out of them so had to have them all!!!


    Thanks everyone, i have some ideas now. Will let you all know how it goes! x
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