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Hi Guys

Hope you are all well, Im just having a moment about our engagement party we are having on Saturday night.

I have arranged food, drinks reception and got more than enough people coming, but i somehow want to make it special for my h2b so it feels like our party as opposed to a normal night out.

I havent got a clue what to do on a shoestring budget to make him crack a smile. The only thing i came up with was getting some photos of us put up round the room? how lame am i!

I want it to special for us both and to do something to make him smile, i think i might make a little speech, untradtional i know, but other than that i have no clue?!?

Any ideas would be great,

H xxx


  • joosebug007joosebug007 Posts: 292
    I think the photos are a great idea... how about a banner? Or even engagement party balloons or something as that'll kind of make it feel like its both of your nights rather than just a night out at your expense!

    Where are you having you party? Does he have any particular interests at all that you could theme something round?

    Sorry I'm not much help am I!!

    Natasha x
  • We made speeches at our engagement party & it did take it from just being a normal night, it was lovely & all our guests seemed 2 like it as well!

    Hope that helps!

  • ddickson246ddickson246 Posts: 107
    U are lots of help! thank you!

    he is a massive petrol head, and wud prob prefer pictures of all his cars than of us! ha ha! I shall come up with something!

    I like the idea of balloons, but i dont think we can as the place we are having it use candles, and health and safety and all that!

    Its my friends birthday the same day, so i am having a cake for him so an ideal time to say a few words before we sing happy birthday to him (my friend has no idea and will kill me, heh heh) but im missing the "special" bit for h2b.

    Hmmmmmm my brain hurts xxx
  • Ooh just thought of something else we did! The day of the party we put loads of our favourite songs onto a flash drive to give to the DJ so he could play them throughout the night. You could do that for h2b as a surprise so his favourite songs are playing throughout the night! That is if you're having a DJ!

  • ddickson246ddickson246 Posts: 107
    what a plan!! i shall do that now! xxx
  • orchid28ukorchid28uk Posts: 401

    We had a Halloween themed engagement party last October. We went to the pound shop and Matalan for decorations. We had a really good disco, buffet, balloons, sweets on all the tables, etc...

    We also put up engagement banners & balloons.

    It was also fancy dress. We had a ball and it definitely seemed like a special night!

    If you want a theme on a budget, I saw in Matalan yesterday loads of Hawaii/ cocktail type decorations, all very cost effective.

    Why don't you have a theme so it won't feel like every other night out?

    you and your husband could create a punch each and name them after yourselves?

    Hope it all goes well for you.
  • Glad 2 help! Hope u both have a fantastic night!

  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    FIrstly let me just say that - ITS YOUR ENGAGEMENT PARTY - it is never going to feel like just a normal party - it's so exciting. I can understand you wanting to do something special for h2b - could you maybe organise an engagement cake in shape of a car (hmnn mind you with 2 days left that might not be possible - maybe scrap that)

    The nicest thing you can do for h2b is just look gorgeous and relax and enjoy the night - i was really stressed about ours and I know that stressed h2b and prob meant he didnt enjoy the evening quite as much.

  • ddickson246ddickson246 Posts: 107
    thank you all, i shall endevour to transform myself into a non stressed bride to be!

    Much love xxx
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    He he - if you figure out how - please let me know :P

    Have a fabulous night hon and enjoy.

    Full report on Sunday please.

  • MrsG1986MrsG1986 Posts: 869
    He should be walking round with a whopping great big smile plastered on his face anyway! Hes getting married! Lol! x x x Hope u have a wicked night x
  • ddickson246ddickson246 Posts: 107
    Just want to say a massive thank you to you all for helping me in my (first of many) hour of need! Saturday was a huge success, everyone had a fantastic time, the venue was perfect. Thank you all so so much! I now need some encouragement for my detox this week as my liver hurts! ha ha!

    Thank you all again xxxxxxxxx
  • Glad you had a good night!!

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