Cold Feet and Stage Fright!?

Hi - I have been visiting this website for a while and got engaged in June! I just wanted to know if anyone else has had cold feet or stage fright at all?

On saturday I suddenly started to wonder if I wanted a big wedding and if I was making the right decision about getting married! I really want to get married to the guy I am with but doubts came over and I was nervous about it. I think its all down to thinking that something might go wrong on the day and the worst fear I have is that I will fall over flat on my face whist walking down the isle.

Is it normal to have cold feet at the beginning of the engagement? We are hoping to get married in March 28th so its not that far away really. Any ideas, help?


  • Hi - Thank for your thoughts, now I feel a little better knowing that someone else had cold feet too. I am sure I will calm down and enjoy planning. I hope you enjoy your planning of the wedding, when is the big day for you?
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    Take a few deep breaths and step back a bit from the whole thing for a couple of weeks. Give yourself some time to think and you'll probably come up with the reason why you're feeling like this in the first place.

    I'm a bit of an old bird now and thats probably why I feel (and sound), a bit cynical about this getting married malarkey, which some people could construe as cold feet. But its not. I wanted nothing more than to marry my fiance but once I got into the "planning", I stared to feel what the impact of planning a wedding is like. Looking for venues, dresses, hair, make up, blah-blah, it just so overwhelming and you get more and more bogged down with costs and bombarded with images of models in their designer bridal gowns air brushed to perfection.

    I took a huge step back about a month ago as I just wasn't getting a good feeling about getting married. I was walking into wedding gown shops but coming out thinking, "if thats the best a wedding designer can do for 2 grand", then am off to buy a white nightie which I know will probably fit and look better!

    All it was, in actual fact, was me reacting to buying 4 magazines at the same time and thinking I could take it all in. Reality is - I couldn't. To me, it's no different tackling a challenging task at work, thinking you can do it when in actual fact you just dont have the skills to even know where to start.

    I think where these mags fall down is whilst they give you direction and ideas they cant really tackle nor predict the emotionally, financial and planning challenges some people will undoubtably face when trying to pull a wedding together.

    So to me, its no wonder people get cold feet - its the body's natural way of flight!

    All the new bridal dresses for 2009 come out soon so why not use that as a bit of an excuse to not think about the whole thing for a little while, because if its true what they say, the dress dictates everything!

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