first few plans

hello everyone! My partner proposed to me last weekend, and now we are trying to make plans for our wedding next september. We've planning a civil ceremony and it'll be a wedding on a budget, but we have the beautiful scerney of north devon to help us.

Just thought i'd put on a message, and get some advice on how to do this wedding planning lark!



  • linz-kdlinz-kd Posts: 2,382
    Hey congratulations firstly!!!!

    You'll be a wedding planning addict in no time!

    I've been engaged since april but we're not getting married till 2011 - ages away I know but hey we've gotta save save save for it!!!

    What i did first was buy a wee note book thing & write everything down all your ideas & you can also cut out any nice pics that you see for ideas & keep them in there.


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