Bride buddies/north devon

Hi, this is my second post on here. God engaged about 2 weeks ago, and i'm extremely exciting about planning my wedding which will be september time next year. I just wondered if anyone would like to be a "wedding buddy" - we're having a civil ceremony in beautfiul gardens hopefully, and then hiring a lovely barn-converned village hall. So a wedding on a budget, but we have lots of friends who have amazing skills who are more than willing to help with cake flowers etc., - I even have a wonderful friend making my dress! So if anyone would like support, whether they live near me or not, and are planning a similar kind of wedding, leave a message!

Congratuations to everyone by the way! Laura xx


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    I cant help you with the wedding planning bit, as i'm not that lucky YET! (think he will ask soon)

    anyway, i live south of u, so may be able to help with location idea, or shops, and so on

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