Just out of interest,

Apart from 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in my shoe'

what other wedding traditions or superstitions are there?


  • lorrsuklorrsuk Posts: 50
    never herd of sixpence in my shoe bit, I think you need turn at least a minute late you must give the mother of the groom and bride something pick out by bride to groom mum and groom to bride mum, apart from that and the rings do what you will and have a great day.

  • look up wedding on wikipedia it has a few, also chimney sweeps and not wearing green has come up for discussion on here in the past xx
  • KpeacockukKpeacockuk Posts: 351
    Not seeing your groom the night before or morning of the wedding - i think that is based on superstition. I'm going along with that one but not the wearing of green as our colours are white, black and green!

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