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How do i find my own chat posts to see my replies?

Am i the only one struggling with this chat site?

Also, how do i reply to peoples posts too???

please help, confused bride to be.x x



  • jharris_86jharris_86 Posts: 313
    in the top corner on the forum home page

    View topics since last visit

    View your topics

    View unanswered topics
  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280
    or alternatively - find one of your posts (even if it's a reply) and click the words "My other topics" under your name in the left hand box. That will show all the topics you have posted (but not your replies to other people's posts).

    To reply you can either use the "Quick Reply" box underneath each post or use the pink "Post Reply" button.

  • MrsS to beMrsS to be Posts: 2,633
    Thanks for that, i couldnt find the chat homepage..managed to find it now and its saved in my favourites; the only things i could oringally see were

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    Thanks very much, its going to be lot easier from now on! lol



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