Any shropshire/shrewsbury brides


I am getting married in shrewsbury october 2009 and just wondered if anyone else on here was, or around this area. If so be intrested to share ideas and information on suppliers you may be using.

x x 8\)


  • im getting married in oswestry in october the lion quays! x havent started organising to wait til 17th of this month to book registrar.

  • Hi Gem26,

    I live near Birmingham but we have booked Rowton Castle in Shrewsbury for our venue as it was recommended and we fell in love with it!

    Would be great to share details of good suppliers in the area. i have only just started planning so will let you know if i have any good info for you.

    Have you got much organised so far? My next thing to look into is photographers.


  • kaywalkerkaywalker Posts: 350
    Hi I am a shrewsbury bride i was born here and lived ever since! i have just booked Lake Vyrnwy Hotel for 28 May 2010! that is it so far, i am so excited even tho it is 595 days away!

  • Not Shrewsbury, but Newtown? Close image

    Getting married in Mellington Hall next october

  • Hello,

    I'm also getting married at Rowton Castle in September next year. My fiance is from Shrewsbury and my family live in Wales not too far away so we thought it would be perfect!

    A word of warning about photographers... One guy was recommended in the Rowton info pack, Stuart Hay, but he was very pushy and pricey! He wanted £2,000 just for the CD with the pictures on!!!! Ridiculous! He actually [email protected] off the other photographer we'd been to see as well! Not very proffesional I thought!

    So we've gone with James Biggs. His style is relaxed and natural and his costs are very reasonable. Really lovely guy as well! I would highly recommend you check out his site!

    That's as far as I've got with the planning! Hope your's all going well! x:\)
  • thanks for the advice, will check it out.

    so far all we have done is book the venue. i have started trying on dresses as well which is great fun, i love it!

    am going to the wedding show at the nec on sunday so hoping to pick up lots of ideas.

  • kaywalkerkaywalker Posts: 350
    i went to the wedding show in march and it was great, gok wan was there watching the runway show and i tried on some dresses it was really good for ideas! hope you have fun!

  • gem26ukgem26uk Posts: 154
    Hello ladies,

    Nice to talk to people. I love rowton castle and lake vrynway both stunning. I think the castle lit up at night is lovely.

    We are getting married at the abbey then the reception at the lord hill hotel.

    I am going to the NEC in feb looking forward to it, hope you have a great day. I have my dress already got it from shropshire brides near much wenlock its a lovely place, loads of dresses all different sizes.

    Got a quote on a wedding car can't remember the company but they quoted £195 for 2 trips which i thought was quite good, will find the name later.

    Thanks all for joining in x x

  • kaywalkerkaywalker Posts: 350
    when are you getting married Gem, by bridesmaid wants me to go to shropshire county brides to look for dresses but i think i will wait till the new year now!!

    I live right by the lord hill hotel, i went to a wedding at the abbey and lord hill last year it was beautiful!!!

    i wish my wedding was nearer, i really want to get booking things but need time to save image its good to tallk on here tho as nobody gets bored with wedding talk!!

  • MrsB2B'09 I am also getting married at Lion Quays but not til Sept 2010, its a lovely venue. I live in Stoke on Trent so will have to do some research about local suppliers as I don't know anyone over that way.

  • its gorgeous....when we went to view it it was already set out for a civil wedding and we both fell in love with it!

    although im from around that way i dont live near so im still trying to figure out how im going to manage organising the moe im just waiting to book the registrar...i rang them last week but they only take bookings one calender year in advance ? will call them in 6 days then!! lol. ooo cant wait to get started organising it all.

  • Hi, we will be going up on 26th Oct as they are having a wedding fayre so hopefully the local suppliers etc will all be there which will make the job a whole lot easier. It looks like it will be even better when the landscaping for the new spa is finished, I think I may need to go over and sample some treatments image obviously for research purposes.....
  • ooo are they..... i will have to check what day of the week 26th is?? maybe i can get H2B to drive us up there for a look around!! image

    The spa is a definite!! im planning on staying there the night before (cut costs on cars etc) and think i willinstead spend my morning over at the spa relaxing!! if thats possible.

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    Hi Mrs griffithstobe,

    I can't speak highly enough of shropshire brides the women in there was great, and very good prices. I had been to fairlytale dreams(think thats the name) in frankwell, and she spoke to me like i was an idiot just because i am bigger! Needless to say did not want to spend my pennies with them.

    When are you planning your wedding for? Ours is the begining of october, very excited. I can never get enough wedding talk but i think the poor h2bs ears shut off somedays lol.

    Like you we are just saving for a bit now till after xmas, but then want to go to BHS for my bridesmaids dresses they had some nice ones in the sale so hopefully will get that sorted.

    Trying to decide what hyms to have it changes every time we talk about it so thats our next choice to make i think. Well best go x x

  • Hey All Local B2b,

    I live in market drayton and i am getting married on 13/02/10. Ages away i know but my reception is going to be at hawkstone park.

    We are on small budget dn so far with the research i have done a wedding can be done with the wow factor for less than £5000.

    Mind you at least i think it can. All i have done is book venues, priced up wedding dresses from Landy Bridal and bought things to make my own invites so havent done much really to back that up. I think i am living in hope. x

  • gem26ukgem26uk Posts: 154
    hello leapy lea

    Sounds like you are getting sorted all in good time. I bet it will be surprising how long your own invites take to make, we are making our own order of service, and seat names, not to artistic myself so hoping they look ok.

    I have never been to hawkstone we always say we will go for a walk ther but still not been.

    We only have a limited budget £4000 and thats with help from others but i think shopping round makes it fun.

    Have you seen many dresses you like yet?

  • Im not artistic either. I went to Hobbycraft and was blown away by the amout of stuff to make cards.

    Anyway got 100 cards with envelopes for £10 and the general manager started asking me questions and then gave me a lesson on how to make invitations. Great i felt like a star for all of 1 hour.

    So have come away with everything for 100 invites for £30. Bargain. Well chuffed and whatever is left over (roses and pearls etc) can be used on place cards or table plan.

    Hawkstone is beautiful but we are getting married in feb so im sure with it being out in the sticks it will be that bit colder than drayton. Never mind Hopefully all will end up warm and well. x

    How is your planning coming on?
  • gem26ukgem26uk Posts: 154
    Me and my mum went to hobby craft for our bits, was amazed at everything you can get!

    I am abit concerned that the abbey will be cold but just thinking the lord hill will be nice and warm, so will keep on smiling.

    The planning is going ok, got my dress, his suit, my wedding band, booked the church and reception venue, got all stationary, sorted photos, friends partner doing them, got a d.j so so far so good i think.

    Allowing myself to book the wedding car after xmas, but going to a wedding fair at the lordhill sunday to get quotes and see whats what with things.

    Have you been to any wedding fairs yet??
  • We went to the NEC on saturday and god was it rammed!! we only stayed for 2hrs because you couldnt really see anything as there were too many people in my opinion.

    Luckily our wedding isnt until 13/02/10 so we still have plenty of time yet.

    There is a wedding fayre at Hawstone Park in November so we will go along to that i think.

    You are really organised. You should be proud. Im doing all the invites and stationery early because if i leave it until later i will get stressed and probably end up saying no to doing them and buy them which will leave us with less money. x
  • kaywalkerkaywalker Posts: 350
    Hi Gem my wedding is not until 28 May 2008. i just like to be organised whichis why i have started now!!! Fairytale dreams were rude to my sister and my sister in law so i prob wont go there! Jessica's also in frankwell were rude to me over the phone so i cancelled my appointment with them. you would think that they would wnat to make mney in the current climate but obviously not!!!! i am going to the lord hill on sunday to look at the wedding fayre i think photographers are next on my list!

    hope the plans are going well for you!

  • I'm another Shropshire bride, getting married at Holy Trinity in Hadley 08/08/09 image
  • walcotwalcot Posts: 128
    Hi, I'm getting married in Shrops too, I can recoomend a really good and very cheap phographer -

    Can anyone recommned a reasonably priced wedding car company?X
  • where abouts r u getting married shropshire bride2b?
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Hey ladies. I'm from Shropshire, getting married just on the border in Hanmer. My sister got her dress from Shropshire county brides last year and thought they were fab. I've ordered mine from Chester as I live in Wrexham now so it's closer x
  • i have been recommended simply stunning in wrexham have you been there? what did you think MissClarry? x
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    Sorry I haven't heard of Simply Stunning??? The only bridal shop I'm aware of in Wrexham is Fair Lady.

    - Just googled it, didn't even realise it was there!!!

    I also went to the one in oswestry (shropshire bridal centre) and I can't recommend them enough. The reason I went to Chester was I was after a specific dress and they were the only ones around here that stocked it. x
  • i had never heard of it either, my photographer deborah elizabeth from llangollen recommended them. i have heard sbc are good until you ask them to do the alterations and they dont seem to get it right, i have heard two reports that the week before the wedding the bride has gone in and their dresses had been taken in too much image that is the only thing that wories me. i am waiting til the new year to start looking as im not getting married until 2010 its soo easy to get carried away!! x
  • clarryclarry Posts: 3,311
    I just went twice to try on dresses and in that sense they were fab. Going by peoples experiences is a good idea though. I went to Aristocrats in Chester. To be honest the service wasn't anything to shout about but I didn't want to travel anywhere and they gave me a good deal.

    Fair Lady in Wrexham have a sale starting tomorrow btw x
  • oh i have seen loads of dresses i like in aristocrats that i love and want to go and have a look. i will have to take my girls for a day trip! i went to maria modes in stoke and they were fab even though they ran out of dresses for me to try coz i am just so fussy - i must be the bride from hell!!!! lol :-z x
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