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paris farage wedding dress

hello there, i,m only new to this and was looking some information on farage dresses.

i have seen one that like and i,m thinking of going to paris to purchase it.

Anyone any advice on this. It is so much cheaper than the uk but i,m unsure of what to do?


  • SpefflesSpeffles Posts: 363
    Do you speak French? I'm not trying to patronise but I've found that there's less english in Paris than people think. My boyfriend's sister lives in Paris and the first time we visited I was just lost (although I've slowly regained some of my shool french). There are plenty of people who will be polite if you make a bit of an effort but I'd be very nervous about buying the dress if I didn't know for sure that the people in the shop could understand me. Could you find someone to do your alterations for you in England (so that you know you could get any problems sorted out)?
  • lrbpielrbpie Posts: 2,280

    Hiya, have you already tried the dress on and decided you like it? If so then I don't see why you shouldn't purchase it from Paris if it's cheaper. Take a French speaking friend if poss.

    However if you haven't tried it on yet, I would definitely advise trying it in the UK before you make a trip to Paris... you might not like it!
  • Thank you both for your advice.Yes i have tried on the dress and i love it .i understand what you are saying about the language barrier. i have been speaking to a few people n paris and they speak english but its not great. A bit of a problem. I think to safe all hassle i will get it hear.
  • Hi there,

    have you tried this website yet?

    It is all in english and looks really good. Their shop is in Paris.

    Hope it helps!

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