Anyone getting married at Scaitcliffe Hall Todmorden?


Just wondering if theres anyone out there getting married at Scaticliffe Hall Hotal in Todmorden or anywhere near?


  • Hi, we're getting married at Clough Manor in Denshaw, but some of our friends got married at Scaitcliffe Hall last year, and even though it was raining on their wedding day, it still looked fantastic!

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    Thats nice to know!!! What sort of theme/colours did they have?
  • If my memory serves correct I think it was red and white, but think i'll go check pictures just to be on safe side!! Everything was lovely, we only had one problem with ordering wine, they gave us a wine list to choose from on the day and they only had one wine in stock! So just check they'll make sure there's enough wine to keep people happy!
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    Thanks I will do, don't want to be running out of wine!!!!
  • Been thinking about Scaitcliffe for mine too. Seen a few towards Saddleworth but Scaitcliffe is lovely.

    Went to one there a couple of year ago which was great (what I remember), they even had a casino on the night. I think they had to pay extra to have it all to themselves.

    The grounds are gorgeous.
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    We are having ours on a Friday, that way we get it all to ourselves without paying extra.

    We chose it as it was lovely, but compared to other places that looked similar it was loads cheaper.
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    Hi, not geting married there but have been to a lovely wedding there a year or so ago. Xx
  • We were choosing between scaitcliffe and the saddleworth hotel, we did end up going for the saddleworth, for me it was just gorgeous and you can get married outside! Also they have their own in house florist so your flowers end up being really cheap!

    Also just noticed on your other thread that you are having the same dress as me - good choice! Ian stuart Lucia. We are also having a vintage theme of lace, gold and pearls!

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