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My mum would like me to ask my younger cousin to be bridesmaid. she is only 12 years of age and i only see her once a year. i dont want to upset any of the family and would do anything for a quiet life. do you think she is too old to be flower girl? i feel she is too young to be bridesmaid. should i ask her to be flower girl and if she finds it too embarrassing then what??? would i have to promote her to be bridesmaid? i feel its flower girl or nothing. am i being too harsh???


  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hey painted ladders, my friends sister is getting married next yr and her daughter will be 11 when she gets married and shes being a flower girl, just say to her you want her to be flower girl and if she wants she can just tell her friends shes a bridesmaid.

    end of the day hun family or not its your day not theres and it should be about who you want and what you want nothing else matters...oh and what h2b wants to heehee cant forget him!!!

    good luck with decideing hun!

    loadza luv

    katie x x x
  • my bridesmaids/ flower girls (wearing flower girl style dresses) are 13, 12 and 5 and i kind of want them to look young! i hate it when you see girls of that kind of age all dressed up .. they'll get what theyre given! lol x
  • thanks katie. how are your plans getting on?
  • munrojones i totally agree with you. i'm having 3 bridesmaids. my sister being the maid of honour, my best mate and h2b sister. they are between the ages of 20 and 27 so having my cousin as bridesmaid would, i feel, look tacky. aaaaaaarrrgh!!! getting stressed already!!!
  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hey painted ladders,

    thats ok where all here to help ah! my plans aint going lol thats the problem, i have the venue's i want in my wedding planning book and the dress i want and literally everything sorted but h2b refuses to look at anything or even plan anything until next year.

    im not getting married until september 2010 but really that aint that far away and im worried it'll all get left to the last min! im so excited but cant do anything other then look as fella thinks im being over excited so annoying!

    munrojones i agree i hate seeing 11 and 12 yr olds plastered with make up and stuff they should look there age!

    how are your plans going?

    loadza luv

    katie x x x
  • aww katie. i know exactly how you feel!!! organising the wedding for may/june 2010 and h2b is too busy with work to do any planning!! i feel like im getting married to myself!! he started up his own business just under a year ago and its consuming his life as is the wedding with mine.

    he is in the bad books as we were ment to go to a viewing today at 1 devonshire gardens and at the last minute he had to go into work as one of his staff members went off sick!! i know its not his fault but i just feel like i've just been left with it all.

    where are you getting married? cant believe you have ur venue already!! where? have you booked?? whats ur dress like??

  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    I havent booked yet but i want to get married at archbishops palace in maidstone its stunning, and this is a pic of the dress i have fallen in love with...its a perfect princess dress and it fits my colours pink, silver and white!!! dresses/Ronald Joyce/55034/FashionSupplier.aspx

    what ya think?

    aww bless ya h2b he must feel bad ah, but at least your getting it how you want it heehee!

    loadza luv x x x
  • ur dress is stunning chick!! i've seen a wee lace vintage dress and i've totally fallen in love with it. its by stephine allin and i called bella. dont have a lync otherwise i would have posted it and asked for ur opinion. its £3000 a wee bit or should i say a huge bit out my price range. thinking of getting a copy. how much is ur dress? whats ur budget for everything? it all adds up!!

  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    my dress is £837 in the shop but i have found it on ebay for £80...thats with postage and everything...maybe you should look on ebay hun!

    my all together budget is about 2k so gotta keep things tight...what about you?

    if i dont reply again tonight hun its because ive taken me and the kids to bed...heehee i shattered!

    anyways ill reply tomorrow ok hun

    nighty night!

    loadza luv x x x
  • natzvnatzv Posts: 42
    Hi mummakay i was just wondering if you've ordered your dress from ebay? I've seen an exact copy of thre one that I want for a fraction of the price! I'm just abit put off by the whole "but its ebay" thing lol
  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hey mrsstaples, i havent orderd mine yet no but thats because im dieting and want to drop at least one dress size before i order a dress...but i started a thread on here a while ago about getting dresses on ebay and lots of brides have done it and said they are amazeing!!!

    dont worry about it being ebay, i bet if you ask half the brides out there now they have bought someone from ebay, i hopeing to get my dress, bridesmaids dress and my shoes and tiara and head accessories for bridesmaid and flowergirl all from ebay!!!

    i am ordering things like tiara and bits for bridesmaid and flower girl after christmas, i mean my flowergirl (my daughter) will be 2 when i get married is only 9 weeks old at the mo heeeheee but you dont really need to measure someone for a hair band heehee so im just getting them and putting them away!!!

    loadza luv x x x
  • Hey girls,

    Paintedladders I so agree about young bridesmaids looking too old! Sometimes when I'm looking at dresses online I cringe when I see the youngsters in dresses designed to look like adult bridesmaids dresses I think they look awful!

    My daughter has booked her wedding for 2010 - December so you're not the only ones starting early! lol

    Her flower girl will be her niece (my granddaughter) who is 6 weeks old at the moment - it's hard to imagine how much she'll have changed by the time the wedding comes along!

    Luckily we won't have the problem of the 'inbetweenie' bridesmaids (ages10 - 14 ish) but I do sypmpathise with those of you who do and would treat them as flower girls rather than bridesmaids - especially with such an age gap paintedladders. Have a good look online and I'm sure you'll find just the dress, there's such a lot out there!

    Good luck
  • I don't think these dresses do anything at all for the younger girls

    But you could do something like this

    Probably not ideal I know but done on a very quick google to help illustrate my point!!
  • Hello ladies. I would just like to offer you an idea. When I was 10 my cousin asked me to be her 'junior bridesmaid'. I guess she felt I was too old to be a flower girl but too young to be a bridesmaid. My dress was similar to the second picture posted by mumsal, with straps, the bridesmaid wore strapless dresses. Anyway, it's an idea for you, if you do want to include her.

  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hey fiona-maree thats a gd idea, maybe ave the young ones in the same colour but a younger style dress...

    x x x
  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    mumsal there is some really pretty dresses on that sight!!! are you getting something off there?

    loadza luv x x x
  • mumsal this is an amazing site. i've seen a stunning dress but its way out my price range. would i i just send them my measurements along with a picture? are you getting ur dresses there?

    what is the average budget for whole wedding? everything just seems to add up!! thinking 20 grand is prob the norm?? so expensive!! help!! im so new to this!!

  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hey painted_ladders, wow 20k...i wish we could afford that kinda wedding heehee lucky girl...our budget is like 2k and under!

    its hard as i think were going to be paying for it all ourselve, kinda hopeing some family members are going to offer their help to as we still got the morgage and the kids to think about!

    i dont get why weddings have to be so expensive you would think people would give ya a break with something like weddings considering its the most important day of a bride and grooms life!

    loadza luv x x x
  • Hi mummakay

    sorry just been nosying at your dress, my best friend got married in Aug in the exact same dress in pink too, she looked stunning, it looks so much nicer than in the pics.
  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hey soontobemrsT i know isnt it the most amazeing thing, my friend got married in august and had the white version...totally stunning!!!! im not ordering mine until next julyish as im dieting, the shop i tried it on in said it goes on sale in august september time next yr so may just wait until then and get it in the sale haha!!! im such a cheap arse! lol

    what dress are you having?

    loadza luv x x x
  • we had put a deposite down on wedding in jamacia, a small intimate do with our nearest and dearest. we were paying it for ourselves and we got a package in motego bay for 2500!! flights and hotel included!!

    my gran has not long found out that she will be unable to fly that distance. and h2b gran does not keep well either. we decided to have the wedding in scotland and lost our deposit. my mother and father, brother and sister along with my gran and my partners mother and sister are all putting in a "donatinon" instead of giving us a wedding gift.

    my partner and i have been living together for 3 years so we dont need anything.

    jamaica has always been my dream but i guess our wedding will be extra special back home having the grans present!

    to save for our honeymoon we are both giving up smoking in jan next year. need to get party season out the way as we know we will fail otherwise!! we spend around £100 on cigarettes each every month. if we save for a year we'll have £2400! and best of all we will be healthier!

    heres hoping...

  • Quoted:
    mumsal there is some really pretty dresses on that sight!!! are you getting something off there?

    loadza luv x x x
    mumsal this is an amazing site. i've seen a stunning dress but its way out my price range. would i i just send them my measurements along with a picture? are you getting ur dresses there?

    what is the average budget for whole wedding? everything just seems to add up!! thinking 20 grand is prob the norm?? so expensive!! help!! im so new to this!!


    hi girls,

    Sorry I haven't replied to you earlier, I've been dying with a cold (sniff sniff:\( )

    My daughter is getting married in 2 years and has opted for a very expensive venue (10k and countingimage) so we're desperate to save money elsewhere!

    I've been researching like mad and have read a couple of threads on Chinese sites including this one and reports on the whole have been good - there here somewhere if you search.

    My daughter has found a dress that she's going to order for Christmas this year to see what the quality is like before she decides on bm dresses (she hasn't decided on adults yet and the flower girls will grow a lot in 2 years!).

    I don't think this site will make to order but there are sites that do;

    Milly Bridal and Landy to name two, there are threads on them here too.

    I think they're well worth looking into.

    Good luck in your search, glad to be of help;\)
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