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One Bridesmaid Dress For All Sizes?


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  • juls1888juls1888 Posts: 413
    I really don't think that anyone would appreciate being asked to lose weight for someone else's wedding. I think that you should select a dress style to suit all of your bridesmaids.
  • flf2bflf2b Posts: 647
    Having been the bigger bridesmaid at my friends wedding I had a different dress to the other two bridesmaids.

    The last thing you should do is tell her to lose weight - that automatically puts extra pressure on her.

    Depending on style of dress you like it may be possible to get a style that all 3 will like/ will suit them.
  • SUEDIVASUEDIVA Posts: 1,716
    You will be so surprised at the different style dresses out there that will suit all sizes. I had 4 older bm's from a size 6 to a 26 and all mine looked fab.

    You need to all go out shopping and have a fun day trying diff styles on, also the colour will make a difference. I had a 2 piece skirt and top in chocolate for mine. the corset type top suited all, plus 2 had long length skirt and the other 2 short. Looked fab and they were all happy. Also seamstress but some straps on the larger girl to help support her chest so she could wear a supportive bra.

    All very happy, but please don't ask someone to loose weight. You wouldn't like it if it was asked for you..

    Good luck xx
  • You're right. Asking someone to loose weight isn't the way to go. I could get a way with a different dress for her as she is the chief bridesmaid. Alternatively I could get different dresses for each of my bridesmaids? Or would that be too much?
  • millscm1millscm1 Posts: 308
    Definately do not ask her to lose weight (a 16 isn't big after all-national average!). I would be really offended if I was asked to lose weight, there's plenty out there and the ladies in the shops can be very helpful!

    I have 2 bm's one a size 10 and one a 22, we've managed to find a dress to suit both! We were open to the idea of them having different dresses; but they actually chose the same dress on a shopping trip! My bigger bm is going to have straps added so she can wear a more supportive bra.
  • What style of dress did you have? I've been bridesmaid twice this year and wasn't particularly bothered about the style of dress but 1 of mine has specifically said that she doesn't want A-line which I feel would be the better style if I'm to keep them in the same style of dress?
  • mummakaymummakay Posts: 1,028
    hey hun, why dont you find the style you like and ask you bigger bm how she would feel in it, she may suprise you and love it!!!

    dont ask her to loose weight like you say its not the way to go...think how you would feel being asked to loose weight! i was insulted like that a couple of weeks back...i went and tried on a dress and i think its the one and the women said oh it looks stunning which made me feel good then said oh but if you really want it to look great you'll need to shift a couple stone...nice!

    anyways good luck hun

    loadza luv x x x
  • lucyjuklucyjuk Posts: 223
    I've got a size 24 and size 14 but both really different shapes as well as sizes (if that makes sense). We've got dresses from the bridal shop so they've got different styles but they're being made from the same fabric so will match that way. I just wanted them both to have dresses that they loved.

    As every one else has said, please don't ask anyone to change for your wedding. You've chosen them for the person they are, not how they'll look in the photos. And, if they're happy and feel good in the dress they'll glow alongside you in the photos.



  • I am also having 3 bridesmaids who are different size so have opted for different sytles to suit their shapes, they'll be in the same colour and farbic. I would be really offended if someone asked me to lose weight for their wedding so that really wouldn't be the way to go.

    I am sure that you will be able to find some great dresses :\)

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  • emzltemzlt Posts: 395
    As has been suggested, I would maybego for different dress, same material, that way they match but will all be happy. Definitely go shopping all together though so you can make decisions as a group, it will make it much easier. I am struggling with BM dresses as two out of three live overseas - and not in countries where the dress I like is stocked, so can't even get them to try things on themselves! Argh!
  • are you going for the classic bm dress? or something from the highstreet - monsoon for example?
  • a way to not lose the whole slinky ideal is to look for dresses with an empire line.. it accentuates the curves on anyone whether size 10 or 16.
  • I have a similar situation with bridesmaids, im havin 5, 4 of which r sizes 6-10 and one who is a 16. At 1st my friend didnt want 2 b a bridesmaid as she thought she wud feel a bit uncomfortable next 2 every1 else but ive looked around n have found a dress 2 suit all their shapes. Im goin 2 go 4 a style that has gathering around the waist 2 cinch in n hide tummys which pleased every1 even the size 6! Im also goin 4 black as I always wear black dresses n wanted 2 add a personal touch which pleased the BMs as they were more slimming. Also mayb try styles that flow from under the bust

  • I can't believe you would even contemplate asking someone to lose weight before being your bridesmaid!

    Have a look here, alfred angelo seperates, shown with girls of different sizes.
  • miss-mukmiss-muk Posts: 239
    As has already been suggested, have a look at places which do different dresses in the same colour. Dessy is one off the top of my head, coast on the high street, maybe monsoon. If you are paying, take them shopping and get them to try loads on. You'll be surprised how what you picture in your head may not look so good on.

    If they're paying, give them some rough ideas- ie, purple, floor length etc- but you must give them flexibilty to choose something they like and will wear again.

    Im a size 14 and 6ft and Im bridesmaid for a friends alongside two other girls who are a size 8 and 5ft2! My friend is putting us all in exactly the same style, even though the dress doesn't suit me at all, but she's paying so I cant do much about it, no matter how subtly I suggest it!

    Good luck

  • i personally went for the same dress but one to suit them all. my bridesmaids were size 8-size 20 and the dress suited them all and they looked fab! i went for this because if i were the bigger of the girls i would feel like an outcast if i had a different dressd than the others. heres a photo of my bridesmaids in their dresses

    its photo 63 if it doesnt come up with the piccy i selected.
  • That's exactly the kind of dress I'm looking for. That's for all your suggestions girls. Am gonna plan a girlie shopping day and have fun watching them all trying on dresses and deciding on the 1 that suits each of them individually the best! Thanks again!

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