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Bridal Workshop - your help needed please

Hi, I'm looking at starting a wedding workshop to help newly engaged couples through the laberinth that we know as 'Wedding Planning' as I really wished I'd been to something like this when I was planning my wedding. Once the workshop is completed you then can attend monthly get togethers and find out in more detail things like flower arranging, making your own invitations etc from qualified professionals.

Could you please let me know:

1. Would you in theory attend something like this?

2. If so what type of subjects you would want to see covered.?

3. What price would you pay bearing in mind the venue will be a top class wedding venue ie. local hotel etc. with canapes and champers to start us off?

I'm planning to make it a great place to come together with other brides and really enjoy the process of planning your wedding and having alot of fun at the same time. Thanks for your help. Happy planning. xx

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