Double barreled surnames? Yes or no?

I'm thinking or double-barrelling my surname but can't really decide.

I'd like to keep my own name in there somewhere but don't know if it'll sound very good.

Any opinions on double-barrelled surnames??



  • I think this is the route i am going to go down, although im not 100% sure yet.

    Im lucky as our two surnames sit well next to each other, i have got 7 months to decide!

  • I was going to but the more I've thought about it and decided not to... I don't want to sound all lardy-dah. My friend has done it and she's pleased with her new name. Think its entirely up to you hun x
  • I was thinking of this too but my surname and H2B surname dont really sound nice together.H2B doesnt really see the point though because my surname is really common and he thinks i shpuld just take his name to be the same as our 2 boys.Good luck with deciding.xx
  • Well my surname is Simmons and H2B's is West.

    So would be Simmons-West or West-Simmons....

    Mrs West.....Mrs Simmons-West.....Mrs West-Simmons..... I don't know if it sounds rubbish because it actually is or whether its like when you say something too many times it doesn't sound right anymore!! (try saying fudge 100 times if you don't know what I mean, it loses all meaning :lolimage

    Honest opinions would be much appreciated!!

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  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    Personally i can't wait to take my H2b's name, to me it's part and parcel of becoming his wife, even though i'm going from an unusual name to a more common one i see it as part of the commitment to the ove of my life!

    My daughter wants to double barrel hers after we're married, that's her way of officially accepting him as her step-dad, which i'm more than happy with!
  • Im goin 2 have double-barreled as think they sund glamourous n also as 4 a while I referred my MIL2B as Mrs Mansfield so associate that name with her n so want to make it my own!

    Mrs Simmons-West sunds nice I think!
  • OlipanOlipan Posts: 24
    I think Simmons-West or West-Simmons sounds good!

    If you want to keep your name then I think it's definitely a cool thing to do. Will your partner be double barrelling his name if you decide to?
  • I think Simmons-West sounds good.

    I've been toying with the idea of going double-barrelled as I like my name, but both of our surnames are fairly uncommon, I don't think it sounds right and it's a bit of a mouthful, so will probably take his name (and I agree with you littlecoley re. associating name with mil2b).

  • H2B will keep his surname as it is which is fine. His full name has got such a ring, it just wouldn't be the same if he added mine to it!

    I suppose the only thing I wonder about is having a different name to any children we may have. Would you normally double-barrel theirs too or just the husbands surname?

    I'm not really up to speed with how it all works!! image
  • GalenaukGalenauk Posts: 218
    for me, yes.

    to me, double barrelling best expresses what marriage means.

    if we had children, which is not what we plan, then they would have the double barrelled name. because they are part of both of us.
  • kirk110480kirk110480 Posts: 3,339
    It's a tough one, I'd ideally double barrell min but it just doesn't sound right either way round so I think I'm going to keep my maiden name simply because there's only me and my brother left and I like it (and also a teensy bit because I can't be bothered with the hassle of changing everything professionally and personnally!). If (hopefully when) we have kids I'd like them to take my maiden name as a middle name and take my man's surname as their surname.... these days it's really not uncommon for the family to have different surnames so I don't consider that to be as much of an issue... saying all that I've still got 290 days to go so could change my mind!!
  • OlipanOlipan Posts: 24
    I guess there's no right or wrong way of doing it, just whatever you both would like to do.

    I'm keeping my name, but we've talked about us both double barrelling, which we may do at some point in the future. We have also discussed making up a new name, a merger of both our names, but we're not sure.

    We will probably double barrell or merge names if/when we have kids.

  • I cant wait to take my h2b's name. But actually its already a double barrel name (not his mum and dads put together, just his dads) So if i kept my name then it would be a triple barrel name!!

    I don't mind our kids having the name either, im happy for us all to have his name.
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