In Need Of Stokies Help.........

71 days to go...... In need of an extremely cheap photographer for the day - we are on major budget now!! Also...we need a nice restaurant that will allow a small wedding party of 8-10people that has a large variety of foods i.e. English, Indian, Chinese? (Wetherspoons maybe? Lol. Only jokin!!) which has a relaxed, quiet atmosphere! Any ideas ladies? x


  • maybe able to help with photographer i have a friend tony who is a phtographer
  • Oooooh!! By any chance from Stoke-on-Trent?
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    Have you tried The Victoria On The Square in Hanley for your meal? The lady in there is called Bernie and did her best to help us out but there are just too many of us. Robertos italian in hanley has an upstairs room they might let you have exclusive use of, its not very big.
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    Or theres The Church. They are all english food but I've never been there.
  • Marie Halls, my sister is a photography student, she is doing all our photos for us. She is looking for small weddings to start photographing, she has never done weddings before, its a risk i know and would completly understand if u wanted a proffessional, but she would do it for free you could just pay for the development! i dont think i would be that trusting if she wasnt my sister thou! xxx
  • Mrs Dykes 2b....have you seen any of her work? I have considered asking a photographer who is just startin out as their prices are alot lot lower than proffesionals but I know that some students have done some fantastic work! I've not seen a studen do weddings or portraits before though but I'm definately open to the idea if I could view some of their work beforehand! Jeski...I've noticed the Church & I have a friend that has been there but having looked at the menu's I know that our guests will be abit picky image We are definately the down to earth proper stokies that enjoys a good pub steak & chinese/curry every now & then image I've heard really good reviews about Victoria on the Square. I've never been personally but I'm thinking this would be an excellent place to go as it's in we are gettin married in Hanley Reg too image
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    When I spoke to them they seemed really good. If you give them a call I'm sure it couldn't hurt to meet up with them and take a look. The Plough is also excellent if you are into really good pub steaks.
  • Just spoke to H2B & my mother just happened to ring aswell image Me & H2B are gona go to Victoria on Square to try it out at Xmas....any excuse to go for a nice meal whilst he's on Xmas leave from the Army image My mum also recommended the Polite Vicar in Newcastle as it's just had a brand new re-furb.....has anybody been since they've had the re-furb? xx
  • MarieHalls, My sisters work is amazing, she has just been to new york and the pictures are increadible, but she hasnt doen much portrait work, but she has quite a big portfolio of stuff. she has a professional camera and equipment, and she would do it for free proberbly with someone who is on her course too. i trust her 100% to do all mine and ive got 90 guests. but like i said i understand its a risk when you dont know the person. xxx
  • Mrs Dykes 2b.....would you mind if you e-mail me with her details please? I'm very interested!! All me & my OH are looking for is modern pictures that really show us off & show how much we are in love thats abit different to traditional 'mugshots' .....we are also not that bothered about prints, I think we would prefer a disc because we shall be movin around alot with the Army & don't fancy riskin damagin a lovely wedding album. xx
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    i dont like the polite vicar as i think its a bit standard, the plough is very nice though, also like azuris (sp) in newcastle, franky and bennys in trentham gardens is nice and they will let you stay as long as you want,Sangams is nice in stoke but dont take credit cards, Portofino is nice, The spotgate is nice - a little way out is lovely and you cant beat a good old toby cavery
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