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  • Favours - we had organza bags with tablet for our evening guests - they went down a treat. Or you could have shortbread or macaroons. I suppose it depends on what your budget is. I know you can buy Scottish handmade soaps etc

    Sorry I can't help with the chair covers (we didn't have any).
  • Hey, we had mini kilted favours for ours....

    Everyone thought they were so cute, we paid about £1.40 per favour that included isle of jura whisky.

    luv M xxx
  • I love the whiskey kilts - thank you for the information

  • HelgaukHelgauk Posts: 176
    Mrs Murphy At Last. Can i ask where you got the wee kilts to cover your miniatures? We are having mini whiskys for the men, but wanted something to present them with and these would be ideal!!! Thank you x
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