i'm married!

hey all, just wanted to tell u all im married now and it was the best day ever- i had an awful lot of stress planning this wedding and my advice to everyone was go abroad to get married but now ive done it i wanna do it again, everyone said to me before the day how good the day would be and how the stress i had would just go away- its hard to believe at the time but it was the most fantastic day! i hope you all have as good a day as i had image

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  • Congratulations to you both xxxx
  • SquitSquit Posts: 363
    congratulations to you both!! glad you had a fab day! xxx image
  • gemz0112gemz0112 Posts: 488
    congrats to you both. do you have any tips for us b2b'? xx
  • plan the day you and ur h2b want- dont listen to anyone else, we planned the day we wanted and thats what caused all the stress but we still did it our way and everyone enjoyed the day, if we had done it their way i would of hated it. also if you can, book a few days off before the wedding- i only had one and it was a very hectic day, and we only had a 5 day honeymoon cause we went to centre parcs and cause we only had a week holiday left and we wish it was longer- so even if u dont holiday for longer book longer off so u can relax and stay in ur honeymoon bubble,
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    congrats hun, glad you had a great day, i gotta wait until september 2010, do you think it will go quick???

    do you have any pics you can share?

    loadza luv x x x
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