Newbie here!

Hello all, I'm new so thought I'd introduce myself! I'm getting married in Somerset (probably towards the Bristol/Bath side) in Dec 09/Jan 10 (we haven't quite decided yet). I'm ridiculously excited! Anyway, hope you are all well and looking forward to sharing tips etc along the way.

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  • Mummy83Mummy83 Posts: 493
    hi leanne!!

    i've only been on this a few weeks!! i'm getting married 21st may 2010! the venues booked and nothing else!!! its all very exciting!!

    have you started looking at anywhere yet?

    Claire x
  • MrsHobbesMrsHobbes Posts: 1,762
    Hi Claire! We only got engaged yesterday but we have had a look at a few places on the internet. We have looked at Cameley Lodge, Somerton House and Berkeley Castle and have requested some brochures so that we can go along and have a look soon. I think we want to book the venue asap so that's sorted and then we've got a bit of time to sort everything else. There's just so much to think about!

    Leanne x
  • Hay Leanne

    Congrats on getting engaged!! I'm also pretty new on here. We haven't deiced on anything yet, its still sinking in for us haha. Hope all things plan out for you hunny!

    Nat x
  • MrsHobbesMrsHobbes Posts: 1,762
    Aw thanks Nat! Hope it goes weel for you too! I know what you mean about it sinking in, this is pretty big! Am glad there are others in the same boat image x
  • Mummy83Mummy83 Posts: 493
    congrats on your engagement leanne!!

    its takes a while to sink in! i got engaged on the 11th aug. i dont wear my ring all the time due to my work so even my ring is still a novelty!!

    have you stopped staring at you hand yet??

    good luck with looking at venues, enjoy every minute of the planning!!

    Claire x
  • MrsHobbesMrsHobbes Posts: 1,762
    Thank you! The novelty is still there for me too! I work in a lab so have had to take it off today image Boo. I just keep looking at it!

    Thanks for the good wishes, I've got so much in my head at the mo I've barely slept. Have also made the mistake of loving a venue we can't afford. Ooops! x
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